Thursday, June 8, 2017

Goals for the Month - June 2017

Here are my goals for this month.
  • Exercise :
This month, exercise is something that I am making my first priority. As you all know, I will be stopping eating mangoes in this month. Just like each year, these mango months take a toll on the tummy.  I will have to reduce the mango mass from my body L .  I think I have already gained some weight last month (though not checked yet). And moreover my main goal is, I would like to be more fit for my upcoming treks and monsoon trips.
  • Plank -- Planks for minimum 20 days. – This was good core exercise that I should not have given up.
  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily – Rainy season should not impact my water intake… rather due to flu season I should be drinking more to prevent from cold.
  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Continue with this. I can actually start daily turmeric milk. Let’s start. At least  15 days of turmeric milk.
  • Walking/Playing 30 minutes --  I will be walking for at least 30 minutes. In case walking is not done, I will mandatorily play with my son. Anyway, walking and playing both can be done. But definitely, playing with me totally depends on the mood of my son. 
  • Research about Fitness tracker – I am planning to buy fitness tracker once again and it should be really useful this time. So, I plan to research about it and finalize on one in this month.
By the way, not bragging, and not related to my goals too, but just wanted to share.. whatever I do for fitness, I try to make sure that at least some percentage of all this, my father is following. And I am very glad that, now he himself follows most of the things without giving him reminders. I forgot to pack him Green tea box and he actually bought him the box and drinking it without reminding. Whenever I call him in the day to check if he had exercised, drank green tea, salads, milk, fruits he had done most of the things already. May be he likes that someone is taking care and he should do it for himself to be fit.
  • Reading and Writing :
I want to spend time in reading and writing instead of wasting it here and there.
  • Read and Review – Reading 4 books and submit its review.
  • Post all the older reviews in a book-review blog. – For time being, I will simply use any free platform… wordpress may be…
  •  Publish a finance article in local news channel. It’s been long time, I am not in print media.
  •  Technical blog posts publishing.
  • One technical article.
  • PDUs— Just a couple of PDUs which I can earn by interesting ways may be.
  • Finance Planning :
Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly.
  • This month my car insurance is due for renewal. I need to search, compare good deals as per my requirement before renewing.
  • Pay premiums of the due policies.
  • Tax planning -- Set all the automatic payments this month.
  • File return. (I am writing this… but I know… this is not happening, until the last minute… Still will write it here…)
  • Shopping :
  • Actually, this month is son’s school starting month. So admission fees, school material, uniform, school bag, his lunchbox, water bag and what not…Everything needs to be bought for him.
  • For home I am planning to buy new water purifier this month. But I will make this purchase only if I don’t have to buy mobile.
  • My mother says I need new rain wear. I don't think so, but may be she is right. I need new jacket for protecting myself from rain.
  • There is one more thing needs shopping in this month. My anklets have been damaged and I am really habitual to them now. So, I need to purchase new pair. Obviously, I will buy original rough and tough which will definitely cost me a chunk. Lots of shopping this month.
  • And yes… if I am going to my office picnic, I need to do some clothes shopping as well.
By the way, I have some unexpected money and I need to spend it. As mentioned earlier, I don’t wish to just “spend it”, instead I wish to make it as investment which will generate me income. Not yet decided… but this should be back in the subconscious mind to think about this.
  • Life Skills :
  • Car Driving – Continue with practice. I pass by a famous Ganapti temple in the city and certain days it becomes so crowded there that my car leaves me. I want my driving in the city should be as smooth as on the highways. I plan to drive to some Monson trip next month.
  • Cooking :  I will try some nice soup this month. and yes, lollypops... fruits lollypops and some other kids friendly products. My son is just asking for everything he sees and I need to make healthy version for him.
  • Try different styles of eye-liner – I read an article where there was a list of things that one (girl) should master before turning 30. It had perfect winged eye-liner. Seriously? I am not perfect in it. So, I am practicing it. Before end of this month, I should master it. Let’s see.  By the way, where is my 30 before 30 list? I have just forgotten about it. I need to review it. I couldn’t complete those tasks before 30 doesn’t mean I am not going to do them. Sometime soon on this….
  • Learning language – This needs to be picked up again… I actually... am feeling to learn it from someone personally may be... I don't know if that is good option or learning on myself and then talking would be better.
  • Hobby : Creating something cool. Now my son actually asks me to make something for him so this may be possible.
  • Religion/Spiritual :
  • Get son admitted to annual course of religion.
  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This is going okay these days so I think I will be able to achieve this easily.
  • One special type of fast – We have different types of fasts where we either don’t eat/drink anything or there is some limitation on eating. My body don’t allow me complete no eating drinking fast. So, I am planning for a fast where I will be eating without oil, salt, sweet etc.
    • Leisure :
      I am actually not in mood to put anything in this while writing this. I just don't have good mood now. So may be I will comeback when I actually will feel to treat myself.
    • Weekends --
    • Salon and Spa -
    • Lunch/ Dinner Date -
    • Bike Servicing  - BADLY NEEDED. Do as soon as possible.
     This month I think will be decider month for many things. I just don't want to be hanging on somewhere. Somewhere will have to take a stand. Let's see what happens. I know, God is always with me.


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