Friday, May 26, 2017

B +

I keep on smiling on many things, let go of many things or I don't react on things as people want me to react. I keep on thinking "Not a big deal" like the movie "Chalo Dilli" may be. But yes, there is something which is going to be "a real big deal".  Everyone have problems in life and so do I. I don't know what should it be called, a problem or the solution. Whatever it is, going to change the life forever. I am going to face millions of problems, I may cry for some nights and I don't have answers of millions of questions myself yet. However, there is only one thing for sure... I am strong, confident and positive... Whatever life throws, I will survive... I thought about the worst things at the moment that I can think of and I think all is happening for something good.

God, I know, whatever you will do that will be for my betterment. I know you do everything for a reason.  Just give me the strength to bear all this. Don't let break me. I know, I am falling from a big mountain and it's dark everywhere and I don't know what is lying ahead of me or where I am heading to after this fall from a cliff. But I trust you... either you will catch me or you will teach me to fly.

No matter what life throws, be positive...ALL THE TIME... BE POSITIVE... Everything is gonna be okay.


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