Sunday, May 21, 2017

30-days Leg Raise Challenge

Fitness Café has again came up with something that I found interesting. It claims to burn the belly fat. Let's see if it actually does so or not. I am joining this challenge from today. Ideally I should have started it with new month.. But I don't want to waste 10 remaining days of this month. So I will start from today...
I will be posting my updates each week and at the end of the challenge. This starts today... It's around 2 Am in the clock now so already new date has started. Hence, I can actually start exercising now itself before sleeping and it should count in day 1. Anyhow, I am not feeling sleepy... Oh God... sleepless nights... There should be good reason for sleepless nights... (say reading a good book.... ;) ). We should not spend nights sleepless worrying about something or someone. God... why you give reasons to worry?

Anyway, all the best for this 30 days leg raise challenge. Get set Go...


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