Friday, April 21, 2017

I am your.... Not man... Well-wisher may be...

It's been two days, the mother of kid has not returned home. I just hope she is well. Anyway, so baby was all alone and nobody to feed it. I took the responsibility. But again, the kid piegon is getting afraid whenever I am going near it. I need to convince it that I am Good Person and won't harm it. I need to communicate it such a way through my actions so that it understands. I keep blowing the familiar whistle which I do whenever I feed them. Though it tries to get up and fly when I go closer, I keep slowly some of it's food near him. He/she should get habitual to my presence near him/her.
And somewhere deep in his/her heart maybe it started realizing that it can trust me......I guess....Okay baby, you will need to go one day but understand the difference.... Not everyone is bad and not everyone is going to hurt you.... (Unfortunately, most of the people will... And it's right at it's place not to trust humankind and that's what made my task difficult.)
Anyway, Good Morning World....Very busy n long day I will be having but just wanted to share this piegon's photo.

Hey, after writing a title, I remembered a regular reader of mine....'Your Well-wisher'.  Hey my Well-wisher, do you still follow this blog? No comment since long time.... All well? I would like your inputs whenever you think I need a friend's​ advice.


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