Monday, April 17, 2017

Healthy Eating and Healthy Life Style Challenge - Weekly Update

Alright so second week was not like the first one and there were couple of times where I actually cheated... well not technically... More on that in a minute... Basically, I did all the things okay okay... Everything was done properly... except one thing...
Well, as per challenge, I am not supposed to eat ice-cream and sugar as well.. Okay so I ate Mastani... But only after reading this note... "Mastani is not an ice-cream".

I know, I should not have done this but I did... My heart wished to eat... and I didn't want to miss the moment. Alright, so compensation now..
And by the way I am not paying attention on my weight now.. But after today's checkup, it's still the same... no loss, no gain...


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