Sunday, April 2, 2017

Healthy Eating and Healthy Life Style Challenge

Little bit background (drama) first. I always thought that I am eating better, I make mostly healthier choices when it comes to eating. But from some time I was feeling bit "not so active or lighter inside". And then last week when I went for my hair spa, I observed one white hair in my traces. I did ask my hair expert, "Hey, is there a white hair?". He said, if there is a white hair, he can cut it. I said what I had heard earlier, if you cut one white hair, 4 hairs goes white. He said, he wont cut it from root. After sometime I saw it again. There is certainly a gray hair. I said him, See there is a white hair. This time he kept mum. We were doing our message and I was relaxed and forgot about it and near the end of the process, I saw it again. I said, hey you saw that. This time he replied, "Actually Madam, there are more than one" and I just responded dramatically "What? What?? What???. How is it possible? I never had a white hair and now you are saying more than one. I started counting and I myself could see 3 white hairs. Oh God.. I never paid attention. I never thought my hair will be white. Comeon yaar, abhi to life shuru hui hai and ye safed baal... He said, he can color my hair. I just scolded, "NO. My hair are virgin and I won't do anything with chemicals on them." He offered to use herbal products but I was like No means No. I asked him what is normal age of getting white hair. He said, in our parent's generation first white hair would happen after age of 40 years. Hell... I still have 10 years for my first white hair ideally. My father is still having 70% black hair and all he applies is just regular coconut oil. I asked my expert, reasons of white hair and he said Stress, eating junk food, bad life style etc. Stress.... Okay, so there my actual problem was. This month, my son being got that convulsions attack got me too much emotionally stressed and then there were many ups and downs in all the areas of life... rather only downs in this month. So stress was number 1 reason. I should be stress free and then I should tackle other reasons as well. No junk food and healthy life style.

So, here is something I had decided to go with. One of my Facebook group is running these challenges and I have planned to join them.  While the first one, "No Junk Food Challenge", I can easily do, for second Clean Eating Challenge, I fear about the adding sugar thing.  Well, I have already done this No Sugar thing for a month in past but on weekends it becomes bit difficult. I drink tea on weekends (In fact, at the time of starting this post, I was sipping from my tea mug). Anyway, I am still going with this. I am adding my own customization to the challenges like eating 2 salads a day (I have a salad daily but I don't eat salad in dinner so, I will add salads to my dinner now), eating at least a fruit daily, drinking milk daily, 5 liters of water out of which 1 liter from my copper bottle, curd/butter milk daily, daily breakfast and by breakfast I mean eating before leaving my home even if I am late for work and whatever I will remember, I will add.
For exercise part of it, I will only stick to sun salutations for this challenge, nothing more. I don't want to start with big and then not able to carry on. To maintain consistency, I will only take up on my plate which I feel I can finish.
And now punishment part of it, in case I miss to follow this or accidently or knowingly miss something in this challenge and eat something unhealthy, it will add 2 extra days in my challenge and 2 extra hours of workout the same day I missed the challenge for one instance.
 Okay and how I am going to track all this? Not decided yet... May be I can maintain an excel sheet. Umm.. I need to find a better way to track. For my regular healthy eating tracking, I click photos of whatever healthy I eat. I can go ahead with that approach or whatever. Can you suggest me something nice?
Though I have started with most of the things in challenge but since I had tea with sugar today, I am officially starting this challenge tomorrow - 3rd April. I will continue till end of the month - 30th April should be officially last day of this challenge.

Let's see how it goes. All the best to me.



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