Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dealing with Bad Guys

Since I already mentioned about "Bad Guys" in my last post, I thought to take this up. I always write here that "I am so lucky that I only meet good people wherever I go" . Yes, that's 100% correct. But in real world actually I had encountered bad people as well... just to get something good out of it too.... good lessons... or being stronger... So from the time I am sharing is my college time where I had actually with my gang of girls group did hit the guys who were teasing girls.... On road gathered so many people to beat someone. I have also did fights in the train with bad guys while doing "up-down" in trains and in buses.
Gradually, I become mature enough to understand when to ignore and when is the "real issue". Just this month, when I was filling fuel at fuel station, one boy did sing a song on "eyes" looking at me. I was fully covered in clothes and jacket and scarf and only eyes were visible. I chose to ignore. It happens many times. You need to ignore and at many times you just can't fight each time.

It is said that when you leave your safe home, you get into the real world, you have to face such situations and yes you have to. You need to learn to deal with it. In my initial stages of career I had a coworker who once misbehaved with me. I was younger and I complained regarding him in my office. After some verification, that person was fired from company for this reason. Later he met me personally requesting he had a family and home to feed and I should take my complaint back. Well, I couldn't do anything then. Next time such thing happened, I decided not to complain in the office and handled it my way. The result of this is the person and me have such an awkward relationship till date that even though I smile and talk to the coworker may be professionally on some issue, the person don't talk. I tried to forget but he is not ready to forget the incident and move on.
Then we had a senior member who would stare the breasts of girls while talking to them. We just used to become uncomfortable. Thankfully, I don't have to work with him much so it was just some times for me. But when asking how to deal with him to one of my colleague friend who had to extensively work with him, her response was "simply ignore. He stares at breasts unintentionally, unknowingly and innocently." Seriously? how can someone stare at women's breasts innocently? That was not just a look... that was stare... actual stare...
Anyway, in another incident, when I handled a misbehaving at workplace in my way, the person got furious...mixed of emotions may be...started ill-speaking about me. I cleared things with him directly on this as well. He is just confused person... At one time he will be speaking bad about me in public while at some times would act as silent lover kind of thing...Some times he would flirt, try to impress and he would use any cheesy lines...Your water bottle color is red, mine water bottle color is red... Color of love is red... I simply answer... "you know what, when I will slap you again, the color of your cheeks will also be red". I do compare him with my son so that he gets hint.
Anyway, so moral of the story, if you are a girl, you have to deal with "bad guys"... Learn self defense... I had learnt it... used it... Stick to your instinct... Your sixth sense is always right... Observe the people and things around you....Stay away if you sense so... Prevention is always better and worst case scenario you get into it, fight... just fight... raise your voice... Make a support group... At workplaces, there are so many committees for such things.. Each organization has a separate cell for this. Save that phone number/email address for worst nightmare. Talk... Talk to someone.. Never find yourself alone. Help is just around you.


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