Thursday, April 27, 2017

Baat bane to thik varna Zid pe Adiyo na...

I was listening to the "Love is waste of Time" playlist on, couple of days ago and I stopped by this song. I remembered when this song was released I liked the concept of "Never ever love any one" but this line I disliked.. It was "Baat bane to thik varna zid pe adiyo na". That time, I was like, why not? If something is not happening, we should not just leave it like a loser. We should be like stubborn, should chase it till we get success. Off course, I was teenager, not matured.
Well, video also was not appropriate to watch that age so I never saw this song again.

After so many years, when I listen this song I understand it now. It's about love. You can't force someone to love you. You may be loving someone to the moon and back but it doesn't mean the other person should love you the same way. You just can't force it to someone. You can't change anyone's feelings. Before taking major decisions in life, my philosophy was this only. I may love someone by all my heart but if I don't get it back in return, I don't get that respect I deserve in return, I can do nothing about it. I am not chasing that person saying one day he will change. One day he will love me the way I do. Off course, one day he will.  I have seen many women who proudly tell that they got the respect they deserved after 30 years. Comeon, what's the use if someone value you  and your love after 30-40 years of living together. I don't know, may be this is my generation speaking this up. But yes, my generation too tries. It's not like that we don't try. We try too for years. But offcourse we can't wait for 30 years trying only. You should just let go of the thing, the person. You just cant force this thing called love and respect to anyone... and if you force... it doesn't last long.  :( May be my generation needs more expressing of love which earlier generation didn't need. We need may be acknowledging, appreciating on constant regular basis in relationships while this was not something which our mothers needed.  

Well, I don't know.... I am just writing this... and I don't have actually time to write or even think more about this or write about this. I am busy preparing for one important professional thing tomorrow. I just took a break and listened the playlist again on and felt to share this. At this moment I am in the mood of "Love is waste of time... " and I know myself...  :)


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