Sunday, March 26, 2017

Soyabean Nuggets Sabzi

First of all, this is not today's dish. I had made this yesterday. I was actually not in the mood to cook for myself anything special. My kiddo was not well last couple of days .. convulsions again...  Since he got these convulsions when he was sleeping just like last time, I kept on eyes on him all the time he was sleeping for last couple of days and nights. Obviously, drained, sleep deprived and had no mood to cook or do any of chores. But then.. early morning, I had checked several times, my boy was normal, my eyes slept for few minutes and TaDa... I woke up with sweet, lovely and such a romantic dream. My day was just made. You know, it then just became "everything just feels and becomes alright kind of day"... Well, off course, my son was alright and I could smile and day-dream a little.
Cooked many items for son since he didn't had any taste on any food item and was not eating well. For me, there was no plan to cook but then everything was so dreamy that I just went ahead with something different with whatever I had. The only thing was soaked soya chunks for my breakfast that I hadn't cooked. I had read about Soya nuggets Curry recently so had this idea and added veggies, cooked to make it vegetable to be eaten with chapatti. It was so good that even my son liked it and ate few spoons at least.

This is something different and first time I tried, so even though this was not planned, I am going to cross off one item from monthly goals. I still *wish* to create some another item but frankly speaking, looking at situation and deadline, it doesn't seem possible.... I am not going to do it... in this month now... 


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