Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy Holi with Colorful Salad

It's Holi festival being celebrated in India. Holi - the festival of Colors... So many things I can write about the festival, but I don't have any words today.

Yeah, once again celebrating the festival lonely and hence have no desire to actually celebrate. My friend actually want me to go to some Holi celebrations event but I did not want to go. I don't want to go to a wavepool and dance in the artificial rain and celebrate Holi. Tried visiting salon for my hair spa. It did give me some relaxed time and lustrous locks but I did not find mental peace.

Had to fix this as soon as possible. Hence, took a deep breathe and thanked my life once again and started celebrating my way. I did kept dancing on a Holi special DJ made custom playlist and bingo. When nobody is watching then only we dance like anything. The step of pulling the sleeves of a boy's shirt worn can be done on song Kheltana rang Bai Holicha... Faatla na kona mazya cholicha was just ... When felt hungry after lots of dancing, made special food for me. You see cooking for alone becomes such a task if you are not in good mood but if you want to treat yourself, it gives results as this colorful Holi Salad.

I have used all the exotic veggies. Well, I personally didn't like dressing part of it since I wanted to try something different so that it would be more colorful.  But I was so hungry that I couldn't wait to make that "something different" thing and I okayed this for eating..... and then I did not eat it. I didn't feel like eating it. :( Anyway, I would cross off one item from my monthly goals with this salad making. I will *try* to make something different salad may be next weekend or so but at present I am marking this item as done.

Happy Holi All... May all your pains, sorrows, sadness will be burnt in the Holi fire and your life will be full of colors of Love, Health, Happiness, Joys, Care, Wealth. Dear God, please bless everyone with all the loving colors of life. Thank You God.


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