Saturday, March 11, 2017

Goals for the Month - March 2017

33% of the month has already passed and I had not yet posted my goals. But anyway, I had not posted them on the blog doesn't mean that I was not actually working. Here the list of my goals this month goes.

  • Shopping : This month, I am in somewhat shopping mood. I have list of things to buy at any given time. It's just I choose to buy whenever I get some good deal or I want to treat myself. These days I am in "Live the Life NOW, who knows what's going to happen tomorrow" mode. I prefer to spend on experiences rather than actual things but this month I want to actually buy products... I keep on adjusting with anything whatever available since I don't actually feel the need of materialistic things for myself but some things I am definitely going to buy this month. These days, these moments are not going to come back, then why should not I enjoy those with the comfort that I can get. So, my goal is buying the "things".  Off course I am not breaking my bank for these spending. I have several payments which I haven't yet cashed out. I will be using these. My biggest redemption will be $500 cash out and I am going to buy a cool refrigerator for me now. Seriously speaking, I still don't need it, but I just want to provide some comfort to my family so, will buy. Oh yes, one more big thing, that I actually won't buy this month but I have made up my mind to buy this month. I don't watch movies in theatres. I had planned to not to watch movies till I buy something with my saving. Well, later when my savings were enough to buy that "thing", I didn't had desire to go to watch movie with someone in theatre. So, I didn't buy it. But now... somehow I feeling that my heart will start wishing to go to movies in near future. So, I am going to start considering this purchase once again. I will be researching on this item and if I like  will finalize the actual product. I will buy few kitchen wares this month, then curtains as well. Basically, I want to make over my kitchen.

  • Cooking :
 I need to start concentrate on kids friendly cooking now. My kid understands food now and he actually demands the words whatever he hears. I want to create Mayonnaise at home for him this month.

  • Learning a new Salad -- I will try another new salad this month.

  • Learning new ice-cream -- I will be doing something healthy and summer special.

  • New dish -- Something new for the first time. It can be anything.

  • Weekends -- Since I am in "Live in the Moment" mode, I am definitely going to at least one concert/play/trip this month. I will definitely be going for my regular spa visit. Along with all this, I am again giving priority to my professional betterment as well.

  • Read Book - I have a new book Zoom with me. I will be reading it and put it's review.
    • Extra Income -- I am shopping for my clothes by all the extra income I get this month. I need good money, meaning more extra income needed.

    • Dance -- I have a wedding in my family in near future and being a very stylish girl (whenever I dress up) I am definitely asked to dance in the function. I have not yet decided on the number or anything but this is something that I will need to do seriously. I also need to choreograph my kid's dance as well. I will be preparing my dance this month.

    • PDUs-- I will be earning 10 PDUs this month. At the moment of typing, I actually aim for 6.

    • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- Blunder... My skin expert said I am drinking less water. Seriously? I thought 4 liters was enough. But she said my skin was becoming prone to blackheads because of less water consumption. (My brain realized, it was just her tactics to upsell higher end product). But anyway, I will take this clue to increase water consumption. I will be drinking 5 liters daily.

    • Drinking Milk Daily -- Continue with this.

    • Tax planning -- Last moment things.

    • Lunch/ Dinner Date : I will have 2 Lunch/dinner dates with myself.

    • Walking 30 minutes -- I want this to be done on ALL possible days and by possible means all days except the days I am feeling vulnerable and don't even wish to stand up.

    • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This is going okay these days so I think I will be able to achieve this easily.

    • Plank -- Plank Challenge for minimum 15 days. -- Okay, I am starting again with this. Let's try for 15 days.

    • Finance Planning -- Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly.
    • Car Driving -- I want to drive car to my workplace. And my workplace is not at all my area so I am not sure about car. So have to practice early morning and late nights on that road.
    I am going to decide on life's some important part this month so want to just be happy and not stress out much. I know, my heart may be trying to bias few things. I also believe that heart knows the best. So at moment, it's battle between heart and brain. Definitely to win anything in life, brain and heart need to be on same side.  Let's see if my heart convinces my brain successfully or will have to follow brain's order.



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