Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tanha Mai Akela Tuta Tara Koi

Sometimes I just love technology.... I can search for the songs that I had heard somewhere in my childhood days with whatever words I am able to recollect and guess what I am able to find them....
It happened with Tut gai Tadak kar ke... Well... I found it with whatever the words I remembered... Well, I was not able to listen it completely due to some reasons... But then I was in mood of listening something broken... so my subconscious mind suggested this one... Mai Tuta Tara Koi... And it was so easy to search... Here it is.... Ohh... so this is really a retro song.. Is it just co-incidence or these days my mind is remembering all the songs in this era only???? Have to think about this... ;)



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