Sunday, February 12, 2017

I mean Is it me You looking for...?

I met with an accident and died on the spot. Investigation happened for how the accident happened or was it a murder or something. My office colleague actually observed 2 minutes of silence in my memory. Government actually announced some amount to be given to my family members. Well, there were a pair of eyes who could not express the pain but yes, they were sad. I felt bad too... as an observer in the dream.

Anyway, so that was my dream when I wake up this morning. (Seriously, I had mentioned earlier too, my dreams are just perfect movies... They are just full of drama... just like me.... ). I wanted to sleep again to end my dream positively (which I do often ) but I could not due to some prior commitments and had to get up from bed. So when I got chance to sleep in a day, I did and guess what, I didn't see any dream. ( :( So bad...).  But, here is how I wake up. In some good old days, on weekends when I would sleep until late morning, my younger brother would start some old songs to wake me up and I would wake up with some lovely song in mind. While sleeping today, my subconscious mind realized something was going on near me (Trolls was going on....) but when this music started, I had to open my eyes...It was this...

I mean Hello, is it me you looking for...I can see it in your eyes... I can see it in your smile..

Oh my God... Thank You so much... Please make all my mornings like this...  :)
Good Morning All... Have a lovely day...


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