Thursday, February 2, 2017

Goals for the Month - January 2017 - Tracking

Here I had posted my goals of January month and below is the month-end review.
  •  Alright so starting with weekends first... All the weekends in this month were awesome.. I was rocking on all the weekends... I did go on trekking twice, I did paragliding (yipeeiee... hold your breathe baby, I went in air twice...), I attended Krav Maga Self Defense Workshop too, and I also ran in the Marathon... Spa, meeting friends...Vow... That's just like how my life should be... Knock on the wood... -- So status is Pass for this goal with flying colors. :) - 1000%

  • A lunch/dinner date with myself – Okay, so I did went for lunch/dinner dates with myself several times this month. Whenever I was not in good mood, I just went out for eating and it happened quite a few times... Thanks to fake friends.-- Anyway- Done. 400%

  • Learning a new Salad –  Tried new salad. Soya Nuggets Salad. Here are details. -- Check. 100%

  • A play/live in concert – I bought 2 tickets and guess what I was super excited and dreamt some quality good time. But I really got very bad day and I handed over ticket to my father and SIL. They enjoyed the play. -- Not done.  Why? Why you did this to me?

  • A spa – A spa done.  -- 100%

  • Going on a trip – This went extremely well. I went on more than one trip. Trekking, Paragliding all were day trips... I lived myself... Done perfectly. - 500%

  • Drinking Milk Daily –   Alright not a good start. Then I remembered this consciously but then I was PMSing badly and I had read drinking milk worsens the mood swings and other problems. So again few days wasted. But better late than never. Finally started with drinking milk daily and guess what my little boy also started drinking milk with me. So, this is motivation now. God. -- Started.

  • Walk for 30 minutes daily – Not very satisfactorily But okay. -- Done 75%.

  • Drinking 4.5 liters daily – Done on most of the days. -- Done 90%.

  • Tax planning –  Done 85%. But still would like to do few things. I did whatever was possible at the given moment in the situation.

  • Diamond shopping – I had again postponed this. Anyway, I don't need it, it was just a wish of girly heart. Instead, I am fuelling my emergency fund. -- Not Done.  

  • Read a book – I did read some book, wait, what was the name. It was some Sherlock Holmes collection I guess. I was in mood of watching/reading something horror or suspense and I got this book to read that time and finished it obviously in one seating late in the night. Well, review not written yet. -- Done 70%.

  • Get my money back –  I said I would be little bit lazy on this but I was just too lazy this time I guess. I hardly earned few bucks back. -- Done 10% 

  • Record a video - Okay so result first. Not Done yet. But I had goal of such a lovely song that I am going to record. (At the time of writing this, it's being played in the background... See the smile... Oh God... I mean...I seriously...I mean... I don't know...Okay.... Whatever....

  • Start a SIP  - Well, I did few lump sum purchases this month but SIP was not done. So I am going to mark this as not done even though I have invested much more amount than planned.

  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days.  - Alright, here little bit of planning failed. Late start and then skipping period days. I did it for around 15 days of the month.  --Okay. Plan well next time.

  • Plank - The biggest failure of the month award will go to this goal. All my exercise and workout plans went for a toss this month. Well, I can argue by saying that I did various sports adventurous activities on weekends. But obviously, working out only on weekends is not what I want to do. I want this workout regime to be included to my daily life. Alright. I was realizing this and was and am feeling guilty for this too. Anyway, its 2nd of new month and I had started this from last 2 days at least. So, I guess, I will be achieving this in February months goals. -- Failed.
Ohh... That's it... Only these many I had listed here. Alright. I am drafting my February months goals. Will post here soon. 

By the way, whatever may be the emotional things going on, I did love the adventurous weekends of this month and I wish all my weekends should be like this. One of my friends did advise me to go for a career in this field. Oh really?  God, please... you know na.. I am actually like this only. Please let me continue this  always and don't let me face the budget constraints for my trips. You know... :)
Thank You God... for everything...


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