Sunday, February 5, 2017

Goals for the Month - February 2017

Here is a list of my goals this month.

  • Weekends -- This time I am not planning trips/concerts/plays/spa or any leisure activity as I did in last month since I have some other very important thing that needs to be taken care of, mostly on weekends. I know, this will definitely going to get me in some being-upset-prone time on weekend. But anyway, have to deal with it.

  • Extra Income -- I am going to be aggressive on this after my important thing as I need to increase my emergency fund substantially. I will be deciding a number to earn and add in emergency fund.

  • PDUs-- I need to earn some PDUs to keep my PMP credential and I am definitely planning it right from beginning. I have researched it's quite easy and possible to get them all free if planned well. My goal for this month is to earn 3 PDUs. I have eye on some webinars and books to achieve this.

  • Drinking 4.5 liters of Water daily -- Continue with this.

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Continue with this.

  • Tax planning -- Rest of Tax planning of this year. All of it.

  • Learning a new Salad -- I will try another salad this month.

  • A never tried dish -- Alright, so this can be as simple as say... some kind of Pulav or some different sort of Pasta or how about Nachos or say whatever.. but will be doing some dish which I will be doing first time.

  • Limit eating outside -- Okay, I think I am going totally opposite with last month's goal for some parts. I won't be getting my regular paycheck for some time. So, I am cutting on my expenses and obviously, I need to cut down on my eating outside too. So obviously, no lunch/dinner dates with myself this month.

  • Walking 30 minutes -- I want this to be done on ALL possible days and by possible means all days except the days I am feeling vulnerable and don't even wish to stand up.

  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This is going okay these days so I think I will be able to achieve this easily.

  • Plank -- Plank Challenge for minimum 20 days. -- HAS TO BE DONE and that's it. No excuses.

  • Finance Planning -- Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly.
  • Car Driving -- I want to drive car to my workplace. And my workplace is not at all my area so I am not sure about car. So have to practice early morning and late nights on that road.

I still will *wish* to go on at least one adventurous activity this month.  And there are so many live-in-concerts this month in the city... Oh God, please... I don't want my life to be boring again.. But at this stage, I can't spend on entertainment or rather any not necessary thing. God you know what is the best for me, what I wish and what I want and what all things I am doing. Let this phase be over as soon as possible. I have many things to do in my normal life. Let the clouds pass and be the clear sky as early as possible.


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