Saturday, January 7, 2017

Goals for the Month - January 2017

Here are my goals of this month. 

I want to plan all my weekends so that I make most of them. I don’t want to waste them by being upset. So will start with those things first. 

A lunch/dinner date with myself – This month I will be going for a lunch/dinner with myself.

Learning a new Salad – I want to try a new salad this month. I will be posting it’s photo here as well.

A play/live in concert – Whatever is available of my taste, will go for it.

A spa – Spas are long time due.  Even my regular hair spa was not done last month because of being busy in examination preparation.

Going on a trip – I will be going on one trip at least this month. It can be either religious place or may be adventurous thing.

Drinking Milk Daily – 2 cups at least.  My boy is not drinking milk these days so the milk in my home is just getting wasted. I have to have to incorporate this habit in me along with my baby.

Walk for 30 minutes daily – I should walk for at least 30 minutes daily and yes on WEEKENDS too. At workplace, I usually take a walk but on weekends I just go everywhere using my vehicles. So, this needs special attention on weekends.

Drinking 4.5 liters daily – Drinking 4.5 liters daily. Well, I can do this easily, I am back to this again after gap.

Tax planning –  Being January, needless to say, I will be doing this so just wanted to make a check it is here in January goals.

Diamond shopping – I haven’t gifted anything in jewelry on my last birthday. My father suggested me to buy a gold ring.  But you see I am not in very much mood of gold shopping now But I want to buy all the white metals and white stones now. So, my goal this month is finalizing on the piece and making actual purchase this month.

Read a book – I will be reading a book and writing it’s review.

Get my money back – Last month’s education fund that I had utilized, I would like to earn that money back this month by earning extra. I would not stretch myself so I will give myself couple of months to earn that money.  January will be the first month. Let’s see how much I earn back. 

Record a video - Just before some time I was in very happy mood and was actually audible.  I should record such moods. Next weekend, may be... :)

Start a SIP  - I will be starting one SIP this month.  I will be posting the details after analysis. 

Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days.  - At the time of writing this post, the 7th day of month I had already done this for 4 days in this month. I want to make this my daily habit eventually. 

Plank - Continue with 30-days plank challenge.

(Just now saw preview of the post and I felt I am just putting my daily TODO list here. Will take a break now and will come back for more.) 


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