Monday, December 12, 2016

When there is a Will but Many Ways... :(

Alright, so once again I am writing this that I am very bad at roads... I just don't remember roads and turns and diversions and squares and whatever comes on... If it is not my area I am definitely going to get lost somewhere in the road and after long time I will realize... Not Again... I am on wrong road... It may happen that I have passed so many times by some road  but there is strong possibility that I will lose my way even on that already seen road... Even Google Map don't work for me. :(

Whenever I am going on some new place, definitely I had to call someone when I am totally lost. One of my ex-colleague now is so used to this behavior that whenever I call her, she starts by asking, "yeah tell me where are you stuck now"... Whenever I am on my new extra assignment, everything goes well.. the only threat that I always have is finding the correct place correctly and that too in time. Just imagine, how would I feel if I prepared for say a coffee date all night and then I don't reach on time.

I really need to search sometime about this and find ways (again ways) to fix this thing up. With my kid growing up, now I can't afford to keep this habit as it is. Is it some kind of behavior that only genius people have? I have heard that Einstein was not able to tie his shoe lace. So, is there something where people get confused between roads?


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