Saturday, December 17, 2016

Laughter and Tears for my Boy

So, it was my son's first performance on the stage. The pre-school he goes in, had annual day function and every student had participated in some or other performances. He was part of a group dance.

Off course, it was my kid's first performance in his life so I had to attend it. I had not kept any expectation, rather I was doubtful that these little kids were be able to stand up properly on the stage. I had already seen rehearsal in the auditorium where it was scheduled and I saw that all the tots were actually crying like they were crying on their school's first day because of the new place. Anyway, so my family had already in the audience and I came from workplace directly to join them. My younger brother had started passing comments on everything. Suddenly our childhood bro-sis bond was re-activated and the naughty role in me took over. We were judging everything in funny way. It was like live commentary. Right from the lamp lightening, welcoming, honoring the teachers everything was done by those little toddlers. We were laughing like how can someone expect 2-3 years old kids to perform ball dance or moonwalk... They could barely stand on the stage in front of so much audience... But still they were taught all those things and those kids were doing all their best. (I miss this being funny so much in recent time... Naughty me and naughty friends... doing all the naughty things... Right from school, college, all hostels, all workplaces I had always been part of that naughty people's group who prove their selves. ) Anyway, so we were not allowed to click photos or record any performance on our mobile phones and we started passing comments like how business can be done by this phenomenon and this time all the nearby people laughed since they were agreeing to the facts we were talking. We were supposed to buy these photos and cd at higher cost in the school later on.  Anyway, so point of whole drama is I was enjoying too much and laughing too much... just like me...the happy me...

And then... the announcement for my kids performance was done. When on stage those kids were brought by their teachers and since it was dark on stage we were trying to identify my kid. Finally the arrangements of performance were done and the lights were on... The song started... We are going to the market, we are going to the market...

Oh my God. There was my son...on stage ... dancing with his group...doing his steps with those tiny hands...turning around...legs moves....oh God...oh God.... God... please... oh God... you know... I.... I.... .... and I started laughing loudly changed to crying with tears silently.. oh God... I was actually crying hard......And then.... telepathy between us worked and my kid started crying on stage... Yes, he started crying....  Oh no...I should stop... I am sitting in audience in darkness but my kid is on stage in all limelight...I should have stopped crying but I couldn't..rather seeing him cry I was more upset... God... please...But then the whole performance he was was I.... God... you knew...  After the performance, I ran to backstage and took my son and hugged him tightly... We actually don't need words with the people we are most close, right? He was calmed down in a minute and we rushed back to my place in audience. Later we enjoyed all the performance and he too enjoyed everything. He started dancing in audience itself many times, he was playing there, eating snacks and what not. 

Program was really good. The whole theme was close to my heart ... Girls... It was save girl child, respect women etc etc. The 4 years old girls in LKG I guess, actually did a karate session there.. I was most happy with that performance. Everything was good. The lion dressed kid who was supposed to be the cruel and to threaten other animals dressed kids. But that lion's the lion-head-cap fell off and actually he took help from other kids to whom he was actually threatening in the performance. So there were so many funny moments. However, it was definitely the bright beginning of these kids future.

Do you expect any more words from me now?


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