Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goals 2016 : Year End Review

Alright, so I just checked and I had not posted any goals on this blog this year... I guess I was too depressed to write anything may be... There is only one post in new year mood.. Anyway, but I will review the year with my goals mentioned in my journal.

Life :

I am independent and back to me again... The major thing in 2016, though this was not planned in goals initially and I didn't wished it this way but I had put my foot down and said, yes.. That's enough. Okay, let's not talk about that. Whatever is gone, is gone.

Health :

This was good actually. I had really good time health wise. Knock on the wood. I ate well, did some my kind of workouts too. 30-days water challenge, plank challenge were also good. Yeah, last one month my workouts are totally screwed for a reason but now I can resume again. Will be following the plan in new year too.

Financially :

Well, it was not good year but not bad either. It was okay okay. I did increase my investments in equity and debt assets as well. As I am aggressive investor, I had very little investments in debt and safe instruments. However, I had invested in them most this entire year. I wanted to generate a monthly steady income for my family in any worst scenario. I used investments like MIS, MIP, Jeevan Akshay VI for that. I also plan to write articles about these instruments soon.

Travel :

Though I didn't travel much but I did went to waterfall rappelling which was on my to-do list and it was awesome. Last year river rafting, this year waterfall rappelling... one in entire year? I know, this is very low speed. Now when I am feeling like a free bird, I am definitely heading towards more trips in the coming new year. In fact I am writing this post very early morning of a 31st December. But late last night I had checked for all the treks happening today in nearby area just to get last minute admission.


A very bad year for my DIY creative things. Though I made few very nice pieces, they were not many.

Writing :

It was not good year for my finance articles. I also did not write this year for print media as well. Complete year wasted... :(  I have several plans now in new year.
Travel blogs -- I published few articles on my past and few current trips. I found a new career in writing travel articles. I would definitely love to travel and write after I retire. :)

Professional :

I had recently completed a major certification in my professional life. This was planned and that is checked. More on this in coming post.

Family and Friends :

I saw both the sides this year. My near and dear ones stood by me in my bad time and did support me. I also found that few of my friends avoiding me. Off course, reasons may be whatever, I am in such position now that whenever such thing happens, I feel question mark like is it because of my status. But then I am the same old person. What difference it make to them? And basically, if I get experience from 1 or 2 friends I can't label them all. But then these experience made me feel not to share my personal things.Also I have not yet figured it out whom to share and whom to not means who will be same with me and whom will be not. So, if a person is not close enough and ask something that I am not comfortable about, I just lie now. Sorry God.. But You understand why..and you too know that I will find out how to deal with this situation soon...

Anyway, great year for me. Had to end abruptly.


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