Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bichadi hui aaj mai Muzko mil gai

The Duniyadaari theory that I believe since childhood, we always get whatever we wish for.. The only catch is we don't get it at the time we want it... All our life is the struggle to get whatever we want at the time we want...Otherwise, when we get it, we don't have it's value. This is true for people too. When you value some one too much but you may not get the response you deserve at that time. After some time or say years, you get what you had dreamt once, but it's meaningless for you.

So though I did something very nice today which I was waiting for, the situation was not what I had expected. It's so little trivia thing that I can't even write it here... but I know how much it mattered to me.

Alright, cutting all my drama short, direct to the point, I did something that I had dreamt for years now. Early morning at 5 am I was living my dream and then this song accompanied me... Oh God... Thanks a lot...  :)

I know, everything is going to be positive in life now. 


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