Sunday, October 30, 2016

Different Diwali

As mentioned earlier, I am not in very much festive mood this year. This is first and hopefully last diwali when I am all alone. Off course, that is also because of me. I chose this. Actually, I am preparing for an examination. I didn't want festive mood at home should ruin my all studious mood.

Anyway, being main day of diwali today, everybody around was celebrating and I was feeling too much lonely. I did call few of my good friends... As expected, everybody was busy with their lives and celebration. I just wished them. Checking messages was again stressful because of hundreds of similar messages... So, I took my bike and just stepped out for my random long ride. You know, it always works for me. Visited all my regular temples, the biggest one in the city too done. I was observing all the people shopping around and the crowd moving slowly.

Then come a place in the city where few families stay in a tent. I am not sure, if they are same families each time but at times I have seen there are few tents of clothes and few families which sell the seasonal items like say lanterns in diwali season or Indian flags around Independence day time. I have helped some families here some time. Few of my extra assignments payment I do regularly spend on some families here. And it clicked me suddenly. Oh God, why I didn't had this thought earlier? I just went ahead to an hotel. I packed few lunches in parcel, bought few sweet boxes, bought few balloons.... (balloons, yeah... those kids should be able to play with these balloons). I came back and parked the bike. I did call one of the kids there and he came to me and looking at things in my hands, he called couple of more people and then they took those things from me. They started eating food right away, happily. I suggested in low voice to distribute with everybody in family. I was feeling awkward, though I had bought several lunches, will they be sufficient for them? Anyway, I couldn't stop there for a complete minute. To see them eating happily, I left. I was feeling better.

I found myself again. This is me.... the real me...The one with all positive nodes...The one always happy and happening...   I don't want to feel emotional while sitting alone and do stupid things and then feel embarrassing about it. Feeling good now. Happy Diwali...


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