Saturday, October 29, 2016

Crushing Hard scenes according to Pretty Little Liars...

Apart from reading and music, Pretty Little Liars is one of the very few things which actually can hook me to my seat and can make me stay awake whole night.

I have actually spent many late nights watching Pretty Little Liars and then recreating them in my workplace with co-workers. I became emotional with Hanna's bond with her mother. I was not surprised when I found Spencer, in her teen's had her bucket list TODO, I always loved the fact how strong Emily is. Well, about Alison, I have mixed feelings. For Aria and Mike relationship, I always related my relationship with my younger brother.  I was actually jumping with joy when Ezra proposed Aria in this season's first half. Oh God... It's been 7 years, this series is part of life now.

The first half of the last season of PLL is already finished and all PLL fans are waiting with mixed emotions for April 2017 for its last season's second half.

Anyway, so this week's PLL's feed has given an interesting post that we actually could relate to.... :)

It's 15 things happen when you are crushing hard on someone ...  We all have been there... right...? :)

PLL shoot has officially wrapped up this week. While I do watch PLL star casts good bye messages with sad face, I am waiting eagerly for #PLLEndGame.


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