Friday, September 2, 2016

What is that one last address in your life?

As stated earlier, these days because of the festival going on, we are supposed to spend as much time in soul purification. Obviously, I am dedicating considerable amount of my available time in my religious activities. After visiting temple, there is Vyakhyan or Pravachan as some people call it going on and I should be attending it. In this, a Guru - master guides on few aspects. Due to many things I am not able to attend it completely but I do my best as I can before going to work.
So one of the points that I liked today was the MaharajSaab (Master) did ask a question...." Who is that one last address in your life whose whatever thing said, you will be obeying it 100% without doing any arguments or applying any logic?".
Oh. My.God. Not even my kid has that. But wait, yes, I do have it my life....


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