Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Drinking Water Challenge and Life Update

Alright so good things first... I did extremely well on the water drinking challenge and was successful finishing at-least 4 liters each day.  Exception : fasting days --2 - which were seen unseen actually... so it was kind-a planned. Another was an emergency in life...

Alright... so emergency was my little kid was hospitalized due to convulsion. This was first time he had this thing and in my entire life I had not seen anything like that. My younger brother or even my mother had not experienced such thing before so when did it actually happened, WE WERE SCARED and I was breathless. Okay so here is flashback...

That early morning, my boy came closer to me in the bed and I felt him warm. The night before we had gone out late in the night to see the Ganeshotsav celebrations and he had done so much fun that he did not slept even after past midnight. So in my morning sleep my brain little bit realize that my kid may have fever since I was feeling something warm. But before I woke up he suddenly got up with jerk and then he had rolled his eyes up, his hands and legs were stiffened and he was not responding at all... he was not even listening to me... he was not even looking at me... he was not even recognizing me... me... I am his mother... I think I am his world... now...  I was .. I mean.. I cant say...I don't even want to remember those moments... I was simply shocked, breathless. My younger brother and I took my kid in hand we rushed to nearest open hospital. My younger brother and I kept talking to my kid, I kept rubbing him all over his body, we knew one thing that we shouldn't let my kid close his eyes and so we were trying hard, by speaking, doing fun and many things while my brother riding his motorcycle. He was still not responding to anything. The nearest 24-hour open hospital staff looked at my kid and suggested to take him to 2 big names of the hospitals in the city. Oh God.. We still ran and continued our journey to the nearest hospital. Well, at this time suddenly, he produced a sound from mouth and I was bit relieved, he responded.... I kept on talking and rubbing and within few minutes he started crying.. Oh God.. I was more relieved... I felt my kid was back from where he has gone for those few minutes...  I just jumped from the motorcycle and looking at me the security guard automatically opened emergency ward door and there we were... The staff attached him few machines and monitored his pulse rate. I was not understanding a word there... 94-96... Oh God, I thought why I dont have knowledge about these medical things... I was not understanding anything. The doctor who had seen him first has gone to call some another doctor and those sisters and brothers were just looking at those machine readings.. I was worried and the mother in me roared... "Will you please do something"? and then that nurse brother took cold water and sprinkled it over my kid's body and guess what he was back and I felt he was normal now. Yes, my kid was recognizing me and was talking to me. Oh God... Thank You so much...  This is second time when I never realize till such emergency that how much I love my kid.
Alright so normal stuff then. Dr. explained us the thing and we hospitalized him. Initially he was too resistant since he wanted to go out but later he got used to it. I actually have recorded him doing all fun in his hospital bed. By God's grace, he didn't have any convulsion later. He did get fever but his highest fever (even just after convulsion) was 101 so I quite didn't understand the relation between fever and convulsion but what I understood now is never ever let him catch the fever. If he is warm or feeling fever is going to catch him just sponge it, let him bathe with cold water, do whatever but temperature should not increase.
Okay so that was different experience in the hospital. First day, first few hours even when  my kid was sleeping I kept worrying. My walking while worrying habit when did came back I too didn't realize. Then there was one sad experience too. One fellow patient, who was 4 years kid died. His father was young man, he was alone and seemed some villager. He didn't even had mobile balance to call his relatives and then that news. We could see that hospital had done it's best but that man lost his child. Few hours later when I saw him, he was still completing the legal formalities with a stone in heart. Oh God...
And then there was all kind of people in the hospital. I met one typical --- kind of lady who had husband hospitalized with cancer but she was more worried with the fact that I had wore same Yoga pants for 3 days. What? Are you serious? I was sleeping when all this thing happened and I rushed here. When my kid became normal, I wore jacket n etc that my mother carried later. Then even though my mother was carrying my clothes to hospital in her visits I didn't feel to change and I don't find anything wrong in that. I was not even thinking about my clothes until the time that lady pointed it out.  Aye Hello.... okay, these are decent yoga pants and I am comfortable in them and by the way what I wear is none of your business... Off course, I didn't say all this..I knew she had bigger problems in her life than my yoga pants.  I just smiled wide and wished all the best to her.
My kid is better now. He did feel fever upto a week later but no convulsions. Knock on the wood.
Anyway, so back to drinking water challenge.. The challenge was failed drastically for those 3 days. The first day I didn't even had a single glass of water. Fourth day onward I picked up challenge back and finished 4 liters each day. 


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