Sunday, June 16, 2013

My 30 Before 30 Dreams

Alright, so as I had mentioned last week, I had finalized on my 30 things TODO list before I turn up 30. I will try to achieve all the things. But wherever I am feeling doubt, I had kept alternatives. Good thing is that I have nothing to lose. I will only win in all the cases. So below goes my official 30 before 30 dreams list.

1.       Publish a book of Recipes.
2.       Publish a book of Mummy's g designs.
3.       Publish a book of Rangoli.
4.       My own album as a singer.
5.       Get a handycam. I want to shoot most of my moments.
6.       Painting. I want to create a big painting for my home.
7.       Taking family and friends at pilgrim place.
8.       Be a columnist in a newspaper or magazine.
9.       Win a competition of photography anywhere and get a DSLR camera.
10.   Win a singing competition anywhere.
11.   Chanting 2000*108 mantras.
12.   Publish ebooks on technical topics.
13.   Go on family vacation with my mother and father.  
14.   Mediate daily to find myself.
15.   Learn a new language.
16.   Learn a form of dancing
17.   Talk with a friend and relative once in a week
18.   Write handwritten letters twice in a month
19.   Grow 30*3= 90 plants
20.   Read 50 books.
21.   Walk/exercise 5 times a week.
22.   Start business for knitting/crochet/photographer
23.   Spend whole night at the beach under open sky. This is an awesome experience.
24.   Make a photo wall in my home.
25.   Get a different certification or degree.
26.   Learn a new skill.
27.   Adopt a child to provide all education.
28.   Build a temple. I want to build a temple; I will try my best for this. But practically thinking, if this is not possible, I will set an alternative for this as JivDaya forum. I will free up cows, birds that are taken to be killed.
29.   Go deep inside the sea/Bathe under Niagara/Skydiving.
30.   Go to Antartika, the last continent, and I know, this may not be possible so I will have it’s alternative goal set as well – Visit snow mountains at the place that I had not seen earlier and enjoy skiing.

I am starting a blog to track the progress. I will update here too. Whatever the percentage of success would be in this project, one thing is for sure, I won't be the same person I am today, on my 30th birthday. :)
All the best to me.


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