Monday, April 1, 2013

My Cable Operator s****....

Some time back,  the Government of India had passed an ordinance for the mandatory digitization of the Cable Service for the televisions. As per this ordinance, Digital Addressable System has become mandatory. This is for empowering consumers for quality and better service. Viewers will be able to access digital services only through a Set Top Box.

The implementation of this process of digitization has started in step by step manner, phase wise. The second phase has started today. As per it television sets have stopped working in the mentioned cities without set top boxes.

Now, coming back to my problem. Initially, I had Airtel Set Top Box installed. However, I deactivated the service after few bad customer service experiences. Last month I did some research for new Set Top Box and I zeroed on "Hathway". But unfortunately, the customer care representative told me that its service was not available in my area. I didn't like Tata Sky and Airtel was a strict no for me.  I planned to try the set top box my cable operator was providing me. I needed to submit some form n documents and he was supposed to come and do the installation of the box. When I called him on weekend, he told me in a very soft voice that he would reach within an hour for installation. However, I wasted my time (well not exactly wasted, I was doing other chores) waiting for the person to come and he didn't show up. I had planned lot of other things to do that day. When I called him again, he started yelling at me that why I didn't call him earlier in the month. Now, when only 2 days were left for 1st April, he has lots of tasks to do. Hell.... when that person spoke to me like that, I just lost my temper.  He had already deactivated the cable service.... before 2 days of the actual date announced by Government of India. Well, in the end he said, he will install the box on Monday. I had read about the 48 hours Blackout that was planned in Delhi by local cable operators. I am not sure, if it was followed at my place as well. But I didn't like my cable operator's service.

It's not like I am very much fond of television, rather it's the opposite. I am not a television person. But sometimes you just want television to be on and you to drown in your thoughts or may be you want to sleep sound by keeping television on. It was just one of those days for me and my television was off.

Anyways, I am adding that person to my list of the people/services to whom I have planned/imagined to sue some day in my life... :)

More details for digitization can be found at


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