Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Goals.....

I know, it's late but better late than never. Actually, I had my goals always in place, I had not just  written here. I am writing it them here, so that it will be easy to track down. Here are the detailed goals of this year I keep my eyes on. I tried to think about most of the important aspects. Few important among them are as follows.:


  •  Emergency Fund - The duration I was out from blogosphere, I realized the importance of Emergency Fund. Everything is well, this is very best scenrio but in real life the "Worst Case Scenarios" may happen and they certainly happen at some point of time. If we know this, we should be keeping our pocket full for all the emergencies. My focus this year will be having my emergency fund as 6 months of my monthly expenses. Which tools I will be using for this, I will elaborate sometime in future.

  • C/H Fund - If everything goes well as per my "Best Case Scenario", I plan to bring my car home from the showroom. If I couldn't do this, my backup option is I will put the saving in my Home fund.

  • Tax Saving - I definitely need to go beyond 1 lakh rupees investments in tax saving instruments. I would like to invest in tax saving instruments including PPF, ELSS, NSC and insurance schemes all up to Rs. 100000/-. I also would be using other things for tax saving. Later on this in future posts.

  •   Retirement Fund - Apart from my PF contribution, I will be investing in a good Mutual fund for retirement. The amount will be equal to 3 months of my monthly expenses.

  • Opportunities Fund - Well, this is fund again that one I will topup with most. I will be using the opportunities to invest in good shares, mutual funds and other instruments. It will have my one month monthly expense amount.

  •  Track my spending - The bad days and bad experiences in life, have made me follow the habit of tracking expenses. And I need to continue with that at-least for some time in future now. I don't personally feel it's helping me anyway in decreasing my expeses, rather it's just making my attitude worse but whatever.

  • Make Extra Income - Off course, whatever goals I have written above are just impossible to achieve in my full time job's paycheck. Hence, certainly I will have to make much more extra income. As usual, I will set up high goal, so that I will be able to achieve the one that I actually should. So, I will make extra income for my 6 months of monthly expense. I will be using various platforms for achieving this, details on this, in later posts.


  •  Certifications-  I have 3 certifications in my mind which I keep my eyes on, this year.  More on this, some time in future.

  • Walk in for job interviews - This keeps us updated and gives confidence. I want to be up to date in my field.

  •  Publish articles – I am planning to publish 12 articles this year in science magazines, local newspapers and magazines. I guess it will help.

  •  Publish articles online – I am planning to publish 12 articles online this year in different websites, blogs etc.

  •  Publish my first book – I have started with the manuscript of my first book. I wish to publish it this year. I have many ideas but first of all, I will finish with job in the hand. A very best luck to me for this. This book should also bring discipline in my writing.


  • For this blog - I need to start once again with this blog and increase the page views. I want my numbers back and I know, I can do that soon.

  • Food Blog : I have a food blog and I use social media for it. I would like to get more traffic for it. I would like to get a good theme and good number of subscribers and followers. At the end of this year, people should know me by that blog.


  • Music: Give more time to music this year and I have started implementing this. The way I found good was uploading my videos to youtube. I would like to perform at several places too. I have already posted one video in youtube. I am preparing for others in near future.

  • Photography: I have still not bought my first digital SLR camera. I will participate in 10 different photo competitions.

  • Health: Regular Yoga. Few aasanas I need to do daily. Eating right I have started again and will continue through out the year.

  • Hobby : I love to make best out of waste and I would like to make 12 art pieces at-least through out the year. I will be creating designs of 4 sarees using tatting, chrotia patterns. I will finish my jacket by knitting. Also, if you have observed, I have not kept any gift fund in finance section. My plan is I will be gifting my own hand made home made gifts. I have this new hobby now. Offcourse, I have done this only for my very own special ones. Let's see how much I am able to do for "others" too.

Time has already started.  Still, All the Best to me.


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