Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy Dipawali....

Just like last year, this year too I was not in mood of Diwali till this morning. Same reason all alone at Diwali and then you know many thoughts come in such time...  This is not what my heart wishes for and blah blah... So anyway, last few days I was in this sad mood and that too without any reason. You know everything was good around me... just I was not me...I was really trying hard to cheer me up. I was analyzing myself and my behavior to see what can lift me up.  I was in good place actually... got couple of big opportunities at work that I never had before... and I did quite well too... I went to salon to pamper myself... taken initiatives for Diwali celebrations events for my team and couple of other teams at my work... (Seriously? I was not in mood to celebrate Diwali myself and still I managed to get team-members to celebrate events. I actually wanted to start off with these events and by God's Grace it was not so bad.) I just kept sleeping all those days. I also indulged in junk food... But nothing lifted me up...

Today the main day of Diwali, I had participated in an event organized in the city and it suddenly cheered me up. I was happy. Met so many people and once again I realized that I can enjoy with any one... I don't feel awkward around strangers... not at all...rather looking at history, my fun times are with strangers mostly... (I did ask my friends to join me for this event... But you know everyone was busy and couldn't spare few hours... Anyway... and by the way... I met a man and lady at the event who actually went to Leh-Ladakh and Bhootan in last couple of months on their bikes... Oh my... that's one of my dreams... He too understood that I was different and I will definitely do it sometime. He asked me to join his group as well... Okay... let me calculate... I need a Royal bike then... Huhu... let's plan something to save for this bike now...

Okay so Diwali started for me... went to all holy places... received compliments as well... One of the regular visitor actually told me... "I didn't recognize you at first... You are the one who borrow scarf/dupatta to enter inside the temple, right? You look nice." I even got a chance to see my son for a minute. But obviously, when we parted I was sad again.

To make things good, I just went out for ride at the noon. You know my old theory of "when you are in love, you don't feel sun... all you feel is moon and stars and cool weather..." So being deeply in my self-love, I actually rode quite a far distance... Okay here is something that I did before couple of days. I actually purchased few packets of several kgs of Jowar and I was keeping couple of packets with me always. I wanted to donate them to the needy persons and I was searching for those people while riding. (I actually think now, such things just happen by default. Earlier when I would do such things, my family members would be surprised. Now they are also aware that I keep doing such things so they ignore when I bring home such things. So last week I had bought 150 kgs of grains for donating... you see Diwali and then my birthday is also coming up so wanted to celebrate.) Thankfully met a lady who was pregnant and with her daughter. I talked to her and she was hesitant at first but later she opened up her heart. She was the one whom I gave today's packets. She was happy and so was her daughter. While I was talking to her, a owner of a shop and may be his manager were searching for dogs. They had done Pooja in their shop and the rest of the food they wanted to give to dogs since they wanted to close the shop. Dear God.... Please give me strength and will to help the needy and under privileged always. I know, you give to people so that they can help who don't receive it. 

I am Happy. I am me now... Happy Diwali World... May this Diwali brings you Happiness, Love, Health, Wealth and lots of Fun...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bade Joroki aaj Barsaat hai....

Tera Naam Maine Liya hai Yahan...
Muze Yaad Tune Kiya hai Wahan....
Bade joro ki aaj Barsaat hai.....

Friday, October 6, 2017

Follow Your Inner Moonlight, don't hide Madness.... Be YOU....

As mentioned already many times, my dreams have some power. They give me hints of future. Then my subconscious mind is able to solve those problems in my dreams which I am facing in reality. So kind of I am working even when I am sleeping.  And sometimes I see just a movie dream...
 You know....whole full fledged whole drama included lovestory with happy ending. Anyway, so out of nowhere this day started with such a lovely and not only lovely but... I don't know I don't have words... dream. It actually solved a real world problem and solution was something that I could never have thought of. 

I just wanted to dance like a kid or a teenager... And I remembered this song....yep....cheesy cheesy dreamy dreamy world song.... 

Good Morning World.... I am overloaded at work... need to find solutions to many problems which were never faced before... But I am happy.... My problems are bigger now.... I have grown.... I am more powerful..... And now this had given me strength. You too have strengthful, powerful, lovely day.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's New World...

New day is always opportunity for New Beginnings. New Beginning is New World. Good Morning World. Have a Great New Beginning.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Flavoured Water


My water intake had reduced drastically last couple of months. While I want to re-begin with my healthy lifestyle, here is a step. I am drinking fruits infused water. I had asked for this bottle instead of payment to one of clients. Started using it and today I have started liking it. Let's see if it makes any difference.

Ek Noor Aadmi 10 Noor Kapda

I went  to a place for my KYC. It was my second visit already. First time, they needed all the original documents and one of them was not with me. So this was second visit. After waiting for long time when it was my turn, I needed to go to the supervisor and then from that person to his supervisor. Reason was simple... Name discrepancies... Actually it was not the name discrepancy... rather I had all the documents required for the name I wanted... But the fact the person didn't like the concept that I should use this name. Seriously?

As per government laws in India, a married woman can continue her father's surname, if she wish. And if she is divorcee, again woman have choice of surnames. She can continue to use husband's surname or can keep father's surname whatever she wishes.

On the similar point I had fought in the past with one bank official and in the end everything was done as per my wish given I had showed appropriate proofs. This time also I had all the documents.. and that was my decision which surname I need to keep.
Obviously, at this time, I will want to keep the names whichever will require lesser efforts to me. It doesn't matter at this point in time to me which it is. I may change name in future depending on requirement. But at this time, I am not struggling alone with these government offices.

Anyway, so the person was very stubborn types and was not accepting the above laws. So am I... My values are my values. I may suffer losses for it but not going to tweak my values. I know I am right then I am not doing anything just to please you. I may not be emotionally attached to this name now but it doesn't mean I am taking a lot of efforts to change  and that too just to please your mind officer.
Alright, so in the end I was informed that my KYC can't be done though I had all the supporting documents. That was it. I then decided to close the account and then did all the procedure I was informed to.
Now for all this process it took 2-3 hours and my son was with me all this time. Obviously, like any good mother I too have all the things right from food, water to extra pair of clothes for him and I was feeding him time to time. But obviously he got bored after 3 hours and started whining. At this time, my application for closure was processed to the actual person closing the account. The lady checked the details and then called me and asked the reason to close. I did explain her that since they were not able to do my KYC, I needed to close it since I don't want to use such service. She checked all my documents and then requested me to sit. She reassured me that she can do everything fine and provided my son with some toy to play. She said she was observing me since hours that I was meeting different people with my son and bag alone. She said, it was not that big problem. She then went from all the staff members to whom I had met. She even went to the highest authority there and guess what, my issue was resolved. My KYC was done properly. She even offered lunch to me and my son, but I did have my food with me so I just thanked her.
I am really lucky that I get at least one person everywhere who reduces my problems and helps me. Thank You God for surrounding me with good people. Thank You...

But you know what, when I actually think with brain now this whole incident, I feel very bad. I think, the respect I was given, was not towards me but it was for the money or the business I made and will make to them. As stated earlier, I am in vacation mood these days, hence I am just wearing my super comfy casuals everywhere in the city. So looking at my clothes you don't feel that I am a client which you should give the special attention.
When you actually go into my account details while closing the account, you realize that I am high profile customer and suddenly you try your best and your rules are changed. My kid was with me since the time I was juggling through all the rubbish for hours and you suddenly feel that my kid would be hungry when you see my account balance may be. It should have been clear the moment I entered. I was actually sitting in special customers section.
Anyway, so once again it was the experience where appearance mattered. My close people know how I am not very much into appearance. But such incidents really make me do that dressing up and getting ready for the stupid world.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I am Alive

I get Wings to fly.....

Love Hate Relationship

Finished reading a book..... Sort of love story.... Where one person loves another while he hates her. relationship.... Many years ago I had read a book (either of S Rajwade or Suhas Shirwalkar). It was lovestory too but in it the girl loves the person and hates a character who is the same person appearantly. 
God....I thought that time why to complicate things.... I felt all drama in that book too filmy.
And this love hate relationship in current book.... Man... The boy is not interested in even simple casual talks with her...let remain the friendship....he had problem even if she called or texted him. He didn't even accept her friends request on social media..... And do all the efforts to avoid parties and wherever. When girls  friend texts him for some help and they go to his place, that person don't even see them, just asks his servant to give them message. Seriously....what the girl was thinking.... Again the same feeling as Badrinath ki Dulhaniya. Didn't she had any self Respect? Why to chase a person who is clearly not interested? And then these writers will do anything for happy ending.... Come can't force anyone to like you. As simple as that.
Wasted my midnight reading this. Alright, you don't like a book... You come to know only after you read it.
I need to read another book now as well. It's review deadline today. Just took a break. Good Night World... I am enjoying my night reading.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Celebrating Break...

I really needed a break since long. I actually wanted to go to Himalayas as I feel many times.... Well, not Himalayas then atleast some place far away from this routine. But alas, due to my son's examination, I couldn't go. ( Seriously man, sometimes I don't understand....all that these kids write are alphabets with standing line and sleeping line...still how come these kids exams last for 15 days? Anyway, I understand different subjects.)  So I had to plan only on days he have holidays. I planned for Karnataka.... and then Goa too... But somehow plan couldn't be executed. I am the person who won't cry over spolit milk... actually, I  will make cottage cheese from spoilt milk.
 So below is the outcome of my outing.

Thank You God. Now, I am ready to face the world....face d world with a wink of an eye....☺ say hi hi hi to the passers-by....☺

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Maine Dil se Kaha...

There is a common trait in my best friends.... These are those people....who acknowledge their feelings and emotions... whatever they may be... They don't judge... they don't label them as right or wrong.... And obviously express with whoever comfortable with.... If I am feeling like mourning when everything is fine or perfect as per "world", I should... Its just natural... and that is the only way to get those emotions out... It happens with all of us, right? We just feel like upset and sad and we don't even know the reason... Just that phase.


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