Sunday, February 4, 2018

Goals for the Month - January - 2018 - Month end Review

One month passed... It was really very looong month.... Had to face many unpleasant things... Anyway, I am not going in that direction now. Here are my January goals listed.

  • Exercise :
I will start with Exercise. I have to take care of my parents health and obviously mine too.

  • Walking Challenge-- This is  somewhat similar as last month's 255555 steps challenge. But change here is I am supposed to walk EVERY day. So the steps are divided to every single day. This is going to be really tough rather problematic on weekends and the days when I am stuck at one place all day like training workshops etc.  -- God... first one only failed... Okay... so here the actual result... I did very well in this... but only because one day I missed my steps and I failed this challenge. The long weekend near end of the month it was day where I was in car for 15 hours. Whenever we took breaks from driving, I did walk but I couldn't make those required steps before midnight and I lost by some around 3000 steps that day. I lost the challenge because of this day and hence lost my $50 as well. :( Those particular hours when I was in car and I knew I had to walk so much steps and I did reach my destination before half an hour to midnight. I still walked steps in that half an hour but I couldn't make it. I had to walk many more steps. I knew that half an hour that I was going to fail but still I was trying hard. But still missed with 3000 steps. Anyway, I take all the blame to my planning. I could have planned this driving day better for walk. I could have gotten up earlier in morning and do the steps or something like that. -- 98% Failed but Done. 

  • Drinking 4 liters of Water daily – 4 liters including weekends. -- Okay... 60% . Have to focus on this. 
  • Drinking Milk Daily -- 22 days minimum. -- Done 100%. I guess I can take next step for this goal now. 

  • Pranayam -- I will start easy. I will do something daily. -- 20%. Failed. I just this a couple of days. I even downloaded a mobile app but after couple of days I have not even opened it. 

  • Sleep -- I am not getting enough sleep and this may be causing health issues. My hair-fall especially. I am not sure while writing what exactly I can do to get quality sleep so that it would be enough even if its lesser hours. -- I don't know. Not improved much but little bit better than nothing. 20% Failed

  • Reading and Writing :
Last couple of months I have got so many things in my list that I want to read. I want to spend time in reading and writing instead of wasting it here and there.
  • Some course at workplace - Get some cool training at workplace.  -- 100% Done

  • Read and Review – Reading 3 books and submit their review. -- 2 Books done, thirds review is in re-work. -- 70% Done

  • Update new website with content. -- 0% Not done
  • SEUs— Earning 15 SEUs. And this should be from at least 2 different categories.  -- I earned 10 but only from one category. I have to consult my seems-to-be well wisher at work who I think can guide me for this. 50% In Progress. 

  • Publishing- Search for the options. -- Still in To-Do. 0% Failed.

  • Add last certification in linked in profile. -- 0%. Failed. Not even opened linked in. 
  • Finance Planning :
This I want to make my top priority since couple of months but failing to do so.
  • Tax planning -- This is top priority now. Do this properly. -- Done. 80%. Made some last minute mistakes as well. There are some changes in workplace documentation and other things so next year onward this should be planned differently. 

  • Savings for education fund -- First, create a calendar for existing membership/certification payment deadlines. Creating calendars for payments and putting it somewhere so that it is visible regularly reminds us about those we tend to not miss those payments.  I will save/earn extra to put a number towards this fund.  -- 0% Not done... Failed.  

  • Kids Education Fund -- This is January, so I think good time to start new SIP for him. -- 100% Done

  • Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly. --  60% Ongoing

  • Shopping :
  • I guess, I should buy few clothes this month. I need them. I can again continue to search for my formal shoes as per my requirement. I also have to use the shoppers stop gift card that I have.  -- Well, I didn't find formal shoes which I wanted but I bought another color formal shoes and matching trousers for it. But I am not wearing it until I have matching jacket on it. So search is still on. 70% In Progress.
  • Life Skills :

  • Class : Inquire about a lifeskill class and if possible join. -- 0% Not done. Actually one of my bestie who wants to join the same skill class suggested me not to join and that I can do it on my own. Seriously? I too feel the same.. But may be I am just too lazy for doing it myself. Let's see. 

  • Cooking :  Try 4 new salads and jilebi. Son is asking for jilebis. -- 100% Done.

  • Try different work friendly hair styles. – I am feeling that their is some problem with hair. I am not styling them. I want to get new work friendly hair styles. Atleast 3 new styles. -- 100% Done. 

  • Hobby : I am actually planning some woolen jacket for myself. But I don't think I will get time for this. But I am keeping it on this list and I will try to do this. I know, if I start this, I can finish it in just few days.  -- 'Though I didn't take wool in hands but I Created a Terrarium. So I am giving check for this item. 80% Done. 

  • Music : I don't know what. But do something related to music. I need music badly. --0% Failed. Still figuring what I need to do. 

  • Religion/Spiritual :

  • Chanting 108 mantras for 15 days -- Continue with this. -- 100 % Done

  • One special type of fast – 1 day of this fasting minimum. Actually at the type of writing this, I am officially fasting, so this item should be ticked off in 32 hours. -- 100% Done. 

  • Special Meditation - 1 day minimum. I need it badly.  -- 0% Not done. 

  • Leisure :

  • Weekends -- One adventure trip and plan for future. -- Tripoto is publishing few professionals like me who are travelling a lot with their 9-5 day job and it is really inspiring me. So planning is the key to travel without affecting your job.  -- 0%Failed. I don't even have motivation now to go anywhere. I don't know why. 
  • Salon and Spa - A visit should be fine. -- 100% Done. 

  • Lunch/ Dinner Date with myself -Actually this month I am forcing myself to eat out. I have a prepaid card with some balance and it is going to expire this month. So more hotel ing to use the card balance. :)  -- 100% Done. So to spend the balance on that prepaid card, I ate out so much that before commencing last week of January, I had balance of Rs. 0.56 on that card. (I was still searching how do I spend that 56 paise but found nothing so when card expired, I lost Rs. 0.56. )  
  • Bike Servicing  -  Do as soon as possible. -- 100% Done


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