Thursday, November 30, 2017

Random thoughts

I am a part of a group which is more religious or the spiritual kind of group and group members keep sharing religious or spiritual things. It's not like always I do agree with all the things shared over there. I am a science student.... yes... I am spiritual and religious as well and I do believe strongly in my religious beliefs. But it had taken me many years to believe in the what I believe my beliefs. It took around 15 + years to reach this state where now I do trust those beliefs blindfoldly.

Alright, so one of this group member has several hacks related to spirituality which can be used in our day to day life to improve quality of life. Say like e.g. how you save a contact in your contacts list impacts your relationship with that person. Initially it may sound rubbish but I have tried and I believe it's true. Actually when I was not knowing this hack, I was still experiencing this. I was just not knowing the reason or science behind it. Haven't we all observed that the contact details which you delete is nowhere in your life then. I know someone will argue that we delete only those contact details which are nowhere in life. Okay, think about it. How many people are nowhere in life but still in address book?

Second I want to talk about is showing your love....PDA kind of things. So it said if you do such things, your bond becomes stronger. Ofcourse, introvert won't agree on this. But it is something related to, ' What goes around, comes round' kind of thing. And obviously, if there is no love in first place and you just do such things, nothing is going to workout. When you know you are loosing on your relationship, you try everything to save it.  If you both are taking proper steps along with this 'showing love to universe' hack, it might bond you strong.

Just random thoughts going in brain world.... if you want to use these tricks...use and believe.... They might change your life... All the best.


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