Sunday, September 10, 2017

We don't say Good Bye

Everyone has to deal with this dilemma many times in the life... You want something and something which you know you can't get together.... and then when you are enjoying one of the something, you can't actually enjoy it since you want another of something too... :)

As children, we might want to play all the time but we also want to have good grades.... Then it will start with education itself... If you want to go for higher studies, you might have to leave your friends and parents safe home... When comes to earning, you might have to try your luck in your dream city, leaving your own city and own people.... When you are in love... well actually married.... you miss your parents... (I am obviously writing for woman) you want your beloved and your parents together but obviously when you go to visit parents, you have to miss your husband may be... When you want to spend time with your family and kids, you might want to stay away from them for longer duration for your work needs... But to make their future secure, you have to stay away from them earning..

Oh God... sometimes I just feel why I am thinking and writing whole drama...  Just view the songs and that's it....


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