Friday, August 4, 2017

Bin Tere

 I was listening to Aryans'  'Ye Hawa kahti hai Kya' while working. My cubiclemates call me headphones queen who sing while working and many memes have been shared with me for this. So from this song the catchy line - Bin Tere Mai kaise Ji sakunga... Tera Pyaar kab mai pa sakunga was the one I was repeating all day. Listening to this Bin Tere lines, one of my coworkers shared this video with me to check another Bin Tere version saying to change me the song that I was singing ( Yes, one of my coworkers do share songs with me to hear those songs in my voice... cool and crazy, isn't it.)... and that was it...

So beautifully sung by this kid that I don't have words... I was so emotional listening to this, I just decided, I am not going to listen any and means any of sad love songs now...

My experience says that if someone is making you cry, time to part from those people is near... But what if someone is going away and that's why you are crying.... Happens all the time, right?

PS:  Well, I had started writing this post couple of days back... and guess what, I am in totally opposite mood at this moment... Actually, what songs make you feel is totally on our mood... Now, Some time back on my loop continuously was playing Tere Bina from Himesh... And then I got some kind of Good News which made me happy... Well, Sad version Tere Bina which I was humming immediately became into a rocking pop number... So, I am definitely going to listen all the songs... no ban on love songs too... :) 


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