Sunday, July 9, 2017


Other day, rather night I was at work doing my job and already late for home.  One young handsome man entered. He was wearing loose t-shirt and shorts...somewhat 'vacation mood' look. On seeing him, I suddenly felt 'deja vu'. I had seen the boy somewhere and I didn't remember where. I was stressing my brain so much, I forgot that I was actually in middle of a conversation with someone else. Oh God, the other person must have felt that I am checking out the young handsome cool dude. With embarrassing  awkwardness I continued my conversation. The person was talking to the boss and though they both were communicating in English, I recollected that the boy was Marathi. He left soon with boss.  I told my mother the incident and asked if she remember any of my friends or colleagues with such description. Till this point I had recollected that he had worked as actor. But I couldn't recollect him.

I was going through newspaper today when a photo on the first page of films section caught my attention and I just remembered. Eureka... Eureka.... It was image of a bald man, not so handsome... I went to my mother and asked, "if this person would have hair on his head, do you think you know him?" My mother saw photo and said, yes, He is "Saurabh Gokhale". Oh.My.God. I got him now... that night, he was Saurabh Gokhle in the shorts.... He is Marathi actor by profession.

Happens all the time.... I have worked in so many fields... and with so many people that I keep on forgetting people... It's my mother who most of the time reminds me, "that boy is from your that diploma course..... Okay, that person we met.... you worked with that person in that library in that summer.... and so on.... " Thanks mother for reminding.... You know... my own life theory that I keep writing here....of "People come and go...Life moves on" actually had came from so many experiences...

Anyway, so he has just maintained himself very well... he is not young boy... I mean off course not young as me... he is quite older than me... Similar incident had happened in my office once when someone came  to see the office space for rent and that time the person and I, we both had identified each other and we talked and all... Oh my bestie in office... I am so missing you now... Whom with I gossip about this now...


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