Sunday, July 30, 2017

Goals for the Month - July 2017 - Month end Review

One day is pending to end July but I will be busy later so posting my month end review. You can find my July month goals here.

  • Record  -- Not done. Though I am singing various songs myself... not recorded. 0% Failed.

  • Salon and Spa --Seriously a very little of this budget is spent. I didn't had mood to do anything you know. Well, not found anything to finance this yet. 30% Failed.

  • Weekends -- Monsoon picnic with family done on a weekend this month. And since it was July Income Tax Return month, I was really busy meeting with clients and doing stuffs on weekends. So, weekends well spent. 80% Okay. 

  • Lunch/ Dinner Date : 6 Lunch/Dinner dates - 150% done. My son too is used to hoteling now. When I do take him for long rides in the evening, he will just see some restaurant and will ask for dinner and then we actually go there... Mother - Son duo...eating happily the pajamas...Waiters are used to see this scene now... :) Anyway, then I did take myself to a very expensive star hotel that I have never been into and got myself good coffee and specially made customized snacks for myself... All alone... and happy... It was celebration that I did for farewell of that long time customer whom I referred in the goals that is leaving. So the last full n final payment was good amount so I just took a chance to celebrate a bit. I badly needed this coffee break in these days. 
  • Read and Review -- 2 book reviews... (approved). -- No -- 0% Failed.

  • Writing: 0% Failed completely.
  • Shopping : No shopping, not even anklet... I don't need anklet anymore and I already have which I need so no shopping. Though I am creating a list of shopping which I will be doing after "I get something good reason in life for shopping". 100% Done
  • Cooking :  Okay... it was okay... more on this section in next post may be...60% Okay..

  • Health :
  • Diet --  So healthy diet... 2 salads, one fruit, one glass milk daily minimum... milk obviously not for all days* and adjust dinner time... I am feeling hungry late in the night... -- This was seriously impacted. I have started with hair fall and then these pimples on my face... Something big has hit my diet or may be its just stress that I don't have ;) -- 0% Failed.

  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- This also went for a toss... I am not even drinking 2 liters these days.. 0% Failed.

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- 40%. Okay
    • Walking 30 minutes --  Ahha... I got a very good reason for this and I am glad about it. So, this is going good. 80% Done.
    • Plank -- 20 days minimum. - 40%. Alright.

    • Work -- Okay... so this was the client that I was talking about. That was good business. I did bid farewell in very good manner to the customer. Anyway, I haven't found anything to replace this income yet. Search is on. 10%

    • PDUs-- Just see this image... Do I still need to say anything....
    • Though not planned, I happened to earn them this month as well and see this is the result... I have actually earned all the PDUs I need to renew my PMP credentials which is due in 2.5 years.... Dear God, please make other things as well so effortless for me... This was leisure activity... 1000%

    • Tax planning -- Doing and going good. 90%.
    • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- Done -- 100% But as written earlier, not focused. 
    • Car Driving -- 0%. Failed. I didn't even drive to Monsoon picnic this month. Oh that was different experience altogether.

    • Hobby : 0% Failed.

    Its already 4.30 am in the clock and I haven't slept yet. Not writing anything... just be happy until my next post. 


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