Friday, June 2, 2017

What do seeing Repeating Numbers mean?

Last few days I am observing that I am seeing the repetitive numbers more often. I observed this while watching the time first. Whenever I am checking time, it's showing me something like 1.11,2.22, 3.33, 5.55 etc. This is happening more frequently. One of my mobiles which I use to listen music is set to some other time zone by default. So this is happening with that too now. So even if I am just changing radio channel or music, I am seeing the time as say 5.55 or say when I am checking my messages and time above is 1.11.  Since this is happening a LOT last few days, I searched about it and guess what, it actually has some meaning associated with it.

Seeing repetitive numbers in sequence is sign that universe is trying to tell you something. Oh my God, seriously? What? Here are some websites that I checked and according to them different numbers signifies different aspects.

Okay, so what all of these are trying to say me, let me decode... It is a Wake up call, let go of past, change is ahead, need to balance the life, new relationship demands, building new life etc. Alright! This is very generic by the way. I mean what I understand by this?

By the way, my own logical brain has another reaction to all this. Brain "feels" (:) ) this is all rubbish. Here is what it saying...
First of all, stop searching for meanings in random things. You are just checking time a lot that's why you are observing these numbers. They were always there, just you didn't notice. Second, while on roads also I am seeing the repetitive numbers on number plate and here is my brain saying... As always, all these numbers were like this only... Just the fact that may be your eyes were searching for some particular number on vehicles and hence you have started observing them. There is nothing unusual about the numbers. Better use your time for not checking time and phones often and don't observe the number plates... That's not gonna happen...and you know that....

I feel my brain is becoming like "boring" or "..." I am not going to say that to my own self... :)

 Anyway, good reads... good for one time read, came to know something new so thought to share... Happy Friday Folks... Have a great weekend ahead...

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