Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mere Rashke Qamar

Last week came across this video on facebook and I liked it. When I shared it with my collegue her reaction was, this is circulating on facebook since last 2-3 months and you are watching this today... :

Seriously, there are many times when we feel outdated... (When you talk with younsters, college students, do you actually understand their lingo or most of the words? ) But you know what... I don't mind now... Everybody has different priorities... In my priorities, this is not as important as hers. So that's fine.

Anyway, point is I liked the video... Well, I am actually fan of the original song... the Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan one... even its reformed version is good... Then there is one more version of Altaf Raja but it has slightly different lyrics... I like this lyrics more.

Usne sharmaake mere sawalat par, aise gardan jhukaai maza aa gaya... On this line, I am trying to recollect a Marathi shaayar which I was fan of in my college days.. I had read his one book... It had some shayari related to Odhni.... something bold and full of confidence... don't remember...

PS: Just a second, I watched this video from youtube after I posted it and it is not complete. It don't have their childhood story at all. For complete video, check this....
  And you don't have to login to your facebook account to view the video.


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