Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jaane Kaise Kab Kaha

So as mentioned I do get up early as I have to finish all my chores before my son wakes up... ( and he really gets up early morning). When I am in kitchen cooking, my radio is on many times. Since it's very early in the morning, no regular RJs are on the shows and really some cool songs are being played.

This morning I was making chapatis when this song came and actually I started dancing. I mean seriously? This song? There's nothing special in this song then why? I don't know... Just felt happy and  felt like dancing and... wait a minute.... who is rowing their boat in this video? I mean sometimes videos are such dumb... But you know what... I am not feeling to say any bad thing about this song... don't know why... (Oh God... is it like... you know what I mean, right? But how would I know.. ). Dear God...
Anyway, so this was on my loop for whole day and when I was humming this, my coworker was like "you have grown old, sister". Seriously? Oh no...



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