Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day

I have written so many times on father-daughter relationship... For father's day I was searching for good photo of mine with my father and I was just drowned into the memories. There were good memories and bad as well.. Well, memories in the photos are never bad... all are good... Just some of them bring us tears since those memories are just past now. We feel sad because those memories can't be recreated now. I missed my granny, uncle and few other people very much. I know... I know... I should not..... Actually, I should not have seen all those photos.

To get post to the point, I searched for fathers songs and obviously saw this... and even I was warning myself not to watch this.... because I know what happens next.... I still did...
And after watching this song... I can't write now... Happy Fathers Day World...


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