Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Goals for the Month - May 2017 - Month end Review

I don't have much positive updates this month. Actually I am feeling... what? It's already month end? I haven't achieved much this month. Anyway, I will just "give excuse" as I had set goal just for few days in May. You can find my May goals here..

  • Read and Review -- Well, no 3 reviews done. Only one was done. The process is lengthy so have to plan accordingly now in future. I did collect my old book review posts and article though not published anywhere yet.  I am marking this as 40% only.  -- Failed.

  • Writing: Well, not done whatever I planned but did many good things. I am going to give this 50%. Well, still it is Failed only.

  • Shopping : Okay, passed. 90%

  • Cooking :  100%. No cooking... you know there is a famous meme for this... The three words married women love... No Cooking Today... :) Offcourse, I do cook healthy whatever is required and my and my son's minimum requirements are "many" so... He also chooses from so many options to eat. He need "green", "pink", "yellow", "blue"(I don't understand what I make blue now).

  • Weekends -- Planned things went perfect... rather better than expected... Most of the weekends I was working and there was little time to sit upset.. though there were couple of weekends like that. 90%

  • Foot Spa and Spa - Okay, Foot Spa I did and it was  really good. But what more exciting was I tried Reflexology for feet. This month, because of wedding in family, I had used my salon budget 3 times. And since I had already blown the budget 3 times (3 times the estimated budget), I still went to "look good" for a friend whom I was meeting after long. :) I thought anyway, I had overused the budgeted amount, so let's make it 4 times of planned budget so I tried Reflexology too. The cheapest of all was some 700 bucks for feet so tried that and seriously, it was awesome experience. The foot spa I did initially but reflexology was done end of the month and I was like "why I didn't do this earlier"... I should not have gone for foot spa, I should have gone for this reflexology only. 100%
  • PDUs-- I had actually earned couple of PDUs. I will login to portal and will publish it soon. 100%. Done..

  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- Done - 100%.

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Not regular.... 70% Done

  • Tax planning -- Not as expected but okay okay... 60%

  • Lunch/ Dinner Date : Needless to say... 100% done. Went with son too... Now he too asks me for dinner date in restaurant.

  • Walking 30 minutes --  Okay. 60%.

  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- Done 100%.

  • Plank -- 60%.

  • Finance Planning -- 70%.

  • Car Driving -- 60% done. Also prepared with maps and all for monsoon trip. Servicing done too.

  • Skill -- Well, not as I had expected to be. But yes, few things I do understand and I can say. Better I wont hurry in this. 40%.

  • Hobby : Not done. Though I created one "Calm Down Bottle" but not participated in contest. 20%.

  • Bike Servicing  - Oh God... Not done... I know, I need to do this... Rains have been started already. Roads will be slippery and need to take care.  0%

When month actually ended, I was not in good mood to post the review. Today though these numbers are not good, I am feeling positive and I know, I can achieve all of these very easily. So, let's meet in June Goals.


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