Saturday, June 17, 2017

Enjoying Life...

I am in very good mood now. I actually participated in some competition today and I just hope I get through this for second round. Fingers crossed. (By the way, while I am typing this, I have already started with preparation of second case I get selected for second round... I should be prepared... :) )

My mother's reaction was typical mother's reaction for her daughter... "When you don't have to work, you just find yourself something but don't think of doing any household chore...You could have cleaned this or that.... ". "Oh Mom... please give me a break... I do enough of them already... "

I am really very grateful to God for giving me such family who no matter what, always sees the silver lining to the cloud... My family will always see for the positive side and will look for the solution of anything. It goes back into my childhood... whatever things I remember... my parents were always like that... and I am really very glad that I have inherited that....

Even when I was kid I remember,  once my classmate played a prank on me saying that I failed in some examination. I was obviously not "Fail" student anytime but after shedding few tears my reaction was, "Ohh... so this is actually good because now I won't have to buy that expensive jeans pants which I had thought to buy after I pass the examination... good that money is saved." and I smiled. Seeing me normal again, my classmate revealed that it was prank and I had passed the examination and my reaction on this was, "Oh Vow... so God wants me to enjoy wearing that expensive jeans pants now itself. Thank You God." Obviously my classmate was upset.

You know what... now I realize... this behavior makes many culprits intentions fail badly... In real world, we meet many people who purely want to hurt you or want to see you struggle, crying, begging etc. Why we actually help them by doing the way they are hoping.  I know, if someone will be happy seeing me cry and if I am actually crying, I am actually helping that person succeed in his bad intentions.

Many times I get questions.... Why? Why don't you do this? Why you don't take it seriously? Why you let them make fun of you? Didn't it hurt you? Don't you feel that you should be at ...? How can you keep so cool? and so on...

Seriously? I mean... my life is so good that should I be wasting my precious moments thinking over all this bullshit... Oh my....I think Osho and all those readings throughout the years have just mixed in my blood now...

Home alone? That's fine... instead of fighting over and shedding tears, enjoy bachelorhood... meet friends, visit places, go on treks, picnics etc.

Phone broken? No issues.... Try new things....Take a break from social media (know what, I am just writing this... this is very easy saying than actually doing it ) .

Life is good. Thank You God... for giving me such a variety of experiences... and God... please... please... get me to the final round... (I am requesting for direct final round... okay? God, You know what it means... )


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