Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dilbar Mere

Interestingly,  I have only this one song on one of my hard disks. It it complete though... meaning it starts from the music " Therefore many times, I am just listening to this one... all day... all night... yeah... Mostly on weekends, I keep on reading while music is being played in background and I just sleep like the song is playing as a background to my dreams as well... :)

These videos are like... I mean... I don't know... By the way, nice color of saree... That neck piece jewelry is also something that I don't have...Long time, I haven't bought any jewelry for me... Anyway, looking at hero, I am trying to recollect that meme which means something like "a well-dressed man is more attractive than shirt-less six pack abs showing hunk".

Will sign off now...I need to try to sleep now....NindiyaRani is gonna take time today.... and need to get up early.  Have a great Sunday evening and awesome week ahead people...


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