Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Money is not everything

We all deal with the experiences in our lives when we realize that Money is not everything.... It can't buy everything.....

  • You may have your relative whom you know is going to soon in front of you... you have money... But you can not do anything....

  • You have money in your pocket.... But you are at a place where you can not eat or drink anything.... 

  • You have money in your wallet, reason to celebrate but no near and dear ones with you....

Last but not the least... (my drama begins now....) 

You are ready to pay whatever the mobile repairing staff ask you to switch on your phone, but after trying for 15 days, the mobile repairing staff returns you the dead body of your phone... with the money..... :(

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dilbar Mere

Interestingly,  I have only this one song on one of my hard disks. It it complete though... meaning it starts from the music " Therefore many times, I am just listening to this one... all day... all night... yeah... Mostly on weekends, I keep on reading while music is being played in background and I just sleep like the song is playing as a background to my dreams as well... :)

These videos are like... I mean... I don't know... By the way, nice color of saree... That neck piece jewelry is also something that I don't have...Long time, I haven't bought any jewelry for me... Anyway, looking at hero, I am trying to recollect that meme which means something like "a well-dressed man is more attractive than shirt-less six pack abs showing hunk".

Will sign off now...I need to try to sleep now....NindiyaRani is gonna take time today.... and need to get up early.  Have a great Sunday evening and awesome week ahead people...

#PLLEndGame #PLLGameOver

Pretty Little Liars.... after 7 seasons....8+ years... coming to an end this week... Less than 3 days and we will know the truth... The A.D will be revealed...all questions will be answered.... The show has been very much successful to keep the mystery alive throughout all this years...

The last episode ever - Til deAth do us pArt.
The finale promo has many comebacks like Addison, Melissa and Wren with gun... SpoBy are seen kissing so that is good end for that couple. EmiSon are heard to be ending on good note... I know that there is EzRia wedding in the finale but in promo what Aria is saying... She can't marry Ezra... Now what? Is Nicole back again? Seriously honey? I hope it's just your nervousness before wedding talking, nothing else. Ezra... Oh my... I am already following him on social media sites... to stay connected...  Hanna and Caleb - HaLeb has already united in first half of this season. Emily and Paige... and Alison...I personally am Emily and Paige fan... I am not EmiSon fan... But the twins Alison and Emily are shown to parent together... so are EmiSon going to be together and not PaiLy? As per the news articles, all the favorite couples are going to get their "Happily Ever after" in the last episode... still promo gave doubts... And couples are just one part of it... what about all those unanswered questions....

It's the 2-hours, actually 3 hours event for finale and it's said that actual episode will be of 2 hours. If you have watched any episode of PLL, you know what all things can happen in 2 hours in it. I am seriously feeling happy that finally the big reveal will be done but am sad too... This is all going to end... It was like our story now...  those girls were my friends...those secrets... those questions... those troubles... A., then Big A and A.D.... This show taught me that what you see is not always truth... It taught, if you are together with your near and dear ones, you can survive through any trouble and it means ANY... And yes one more thing... don't trust anyone just like that... People may have hidden bad intentions and they might hurt you... That's what people do in real world mostly... Oh no, I didn't want to end on negative tone... But... Okay... I will find some nice photo to end with.


Manchala Mann chala....

After that my last post filled with love, I had to see my own Ishq Bulava...and once I started with Hasee to Phasee songs, here I am ending up with this...


When I turn "Love Guru"

One of friends called up. After initial "hi, hello" I realized the change in her voice tone. On asking she started crying. She had a fight with her husband over their daughter and then fight got uglier. They said harsh words to each other, then her in-laws jumped in between and the things went upto the "D-word".
Well, I did calm her down and convinced that it was just regular normal fight and her husband didn't mean that. It was just his anger speaking. She too accepted that in the heat of moment she too spoke ill about him and the words that she'd not have spoken. I advised her to get the sweets/ice-cream for everybody in the family while returning home from workplace that day and behave normal. I made her realize that her husband started argument for betterment of their daughter so that was the positive side. And arguments and fights do happen normally. Well, yes the word "Divorce" was used first time by her husband in the arguments made her lose the control and everything was mess. Well, off course I didn't tell her anything but here in my blog post I can let my heart out open. It was the mother of her husband who started with "separation" idea in the argument and then it was picked up by her husband. I mean, seriously? Why these parents do all this wedding drama if all they want is to get their son back as bachelor? I totally can relate to a mother's insecurity when her son gets married and an another woman - aka his wife will be in charge of his son's life. (My son is just 3 years old now but I do see change in my own behavior with one of his "girl" friends. I can totally understand a sons mother's situation.) But how many years, dude? She is married for last 10 years and still all this was going on? I hate but I do have encounters with lawyers and this is so common in the recent years in India. I hear such cases so many times. Solution? Off course, if your bond is strong, nothing can come in your way. But if your relationship is not that strong, there is no point.

This said, I remember another incident where I was again asked to act the role of "Love-Guru" in our friends group. In that case, my friend liked someone and she wanted to get to know him to proceed in relationship. But her problem was the person had built a big wall around his heart and he wouldn't let anyone in. He was not just ready to communicate.  She sometimes felt that he wanted her to proceed but they were not even good friends to take the relationship to next level yet. As per my friend, he would just shut her off whenever she wanted to start conversation. Now there were problems between them many times just because of the single fact reason that there was no communication between them. So my advice to my friend was to try to get inside the wall of the person first which was the toughest task. There must be a good valid reason the person is tough on outer side. We need a lot of patience and love to show to such people and need some time to convince them that we are not going to hurt them and they can trust us. However, we should not forget that communication is key between any relationship. Take any relationship... personal or even professional one... Haven't you observed that even at workpaces you have most of the conflicts just because of this "no-communication" thing. So, there should be communication and it plays the most important role in the beginning of any relationship. If you don't communicate, how are you supposed to understand the other person?

Alright, here comes a business idea.... I can start with my own counselling sessions, right? One more part-time business may be... ;)

By the way, I got text from my friend that, things were good between her and her husband. Even before picking up the ice-cream for her family, she got call from her husband - the daily call that have you left from office or not. (So caring). Later in the night as per her text, he had bought her flowers Gajara too... (Vow... so romantic way to end the fight :) Did she has to say anything else then.... wink wink.... )

Dear world, world is lovely place if you live with your loved ones with love. At the end of the day, loved ones are the ones who matter....No other materialistic thing is going to get you peace. When you see that love in the eyes of your loved one and that care in their behavior, you are the happiest person on the earth. Enjoy that... Don't let anyone  and anything ruin it...

30-days Leg Raise Challenge - Update - Week 3

Alright, I hate to write this... but number wise, I am still at week 2. As I told I do it with my son but we don't do all of them in one go. We take breaks in between and hence the numbers are lesser than expected. Anyway, though I myself is not liking this fact that number wise I am not on challenge but still enjoying.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ghani Baawari...

I have listened this song many times but never paid attention to lyrics. It was when other day one of my friends used these words "Ghani Baawari" for me... Then I listened the lyrics seriously for the first time... Huhu....Seriously? ....Okkay....

Alright... while searching for this video,  I found some really cool choreography videos for this song. I am thinking where can I do this dance....Nobody is getting married in recent future... :(

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My New Partner....

Introducing...... My New Partner....



                                                 Hold your breath.... He is......

From 19 choices, 4 were shortlisted and there was tough fight between two of them but Yu Yureka Black is the winner.... (and I didn't have to negotiate on any of my requirements... I even got nice to have feature that I thought of - Gorilla glass and yes, brand is Indian too.... :) )

My Dear New Mobile Phone, I hope you bring me lots of Love, Happiness, Health and Wealth... Let's make our journey memorable... Looking forward to working with you.... 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day

I have written so many times on father-daughter relationship... For father's day I was searching for good photo of mine with my father and I was just drowned into the memories. There were good memories and bad as well.. Well, memories in the photos are never bad... all are good... Just some of them bring us tears since those memories are just past now. We feel sad because those memories can't be recreated now. I missed my granny, uncle and few other people very much. I know... I know... I should not..... Actually, I should not have seen all those photos.

To get post to the point, I searched for fathers songs and obviously saw this... and even I was warning myself not to watch this.... because I know what happens next.... I still did...
And after watching this song... I can't write now... Happy Fathers Day World...

30-days Leg Raise Challenge - Update - Week 2

I know, technically its not week 2 but then yeah, as I had stated earlier, I didn't do this when my son was not around. Anyway, still did and it was good. It's our playtime. My son only reminds me now... Mamma we haven't done exercise today. I do take breaks in between and don't do all of them in one go.

Talking till battery is dead

Happiness is when you tell your ex-Roomie that you have read really very very very horror story and she gives you company all night on phone... When battery is dead after talking for hours, you continue talking with charger plugged in the mobile.

Gujarat Boards 12th class topper who scored 99.9 percent turns monk

It's old news now... I had started this post writing two weeks back...couldn't post it so posting now.

VarshilBhai who topped Gujrat state boards in 12th with 99.9% became MUNI SHREE SUVIRYARATNA VIJAYJI Maharaj Saab.


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mere Rashke Qamar

Last week came across this video on facebook and I liked it. When I shared it with my collegue her reaction was, this is circulating on facebook since last 2-3 months and you are watching this today... :

Seriously, there are many times when we feel outdated... (When you talk with younsters, college students, do you actually understand their lingo or most of the words? ) But you know what... I don't mind now... Everybody has different priorities... In my priorities, this is not as important as hers. So that's fine.

Anyway, point is I liked the video... Well, I am actually fan of the original song... the Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan one... even its reformed version is good... Then there is one more version of Altaf Raja but it has slightly different lyrics... I like this lyrics more.

Usne sharmaake mere sawalat par, aise gardan jhukaai maza aa gaya... On this line, I am trying to recollect a Marathi shaayar which I was fan of in my college days.. I had read his one book... It had some shayari related to Odhni.... something bold and full of confidence... don't remember...

PS: Just a second, I watched this video from youtube after I posted it and it is not complete. It don't have their childhood story at all. For complete video, check this....
  And you don't have to login to your facebook account to view the video.

Enjoying Life...

I am in very good mood now. I actually participated in some competition today and I just hope I get through this for second round. Fingers crossed. (By the way, while I am typing this, I have already started with preparation of second case I get selected for second round... I should be prepared... :) )

My mother's reaction was typical mother's reaction for her daughter... "When you don't have to work, you just find yourself something but don't think of doing any household chore...You could have cleaned this or that.... ". "Oh Mom... please give me a break... I do enough of them already... "

I am really very grateful to God for giving me such family who no matter what, always sees the silver lining to the cloud... My family will always see for the positive side and will look for the solution of anything. It goes back into my childhood... whatever things I remember... my parents were always like that... and I am really very glad that I have inherited that....

Even when I was kid I remember,  once my classmate played a prank on me saying that I failed in some examination. I was obviously not "Fail" student anytime but after shedding few tears my reaction was, "Ohh... so this is actually good because now I won't have to buy that expensive jeans pants which I had thought to buy after I pass the examination... good that money is saved." and I smiled. Seeing me normal again, my classmate revealed that it was prank and I had passed the examination and my reaction on this was, "Oh Vow... so God wants me to enjoy wearing that expensive jeans pants now itself. Thank You God." Obviously my classmate was upset.

You know what... now I realize... this behavior makes many culprits intentions fail badly... In real world, we meet many people who purely want to hurt you or want to see you struggle, crying, begging etc. Why we actually help them by doing the way they are hoping.  I know, if someone will be happy seeing me cry and if I am actually crying, I am actually helping that person succeed in his bad intentions.

Many times I get questions.... Why? Why don't you do this? Why you don't take it seriously? Why you let them make fun of you? Didn't it hurt you? Don't you feel that you should be at ...? How can you keep so cool? and so on...

Seriously? I mean... my life is so good that should I be wasting my precious moments thinking over all this bullshit... Oh my....I think Osho and all those readings throughout the years have just mixed in my blood now...

Home alone? That's fine... instead of fighting over and shedding tears, enjoy bachelorhood... meet friends, visit places, go on treks, picnics etc.

Phone broken? No issues.... Try new things....Take a break from social media (know what, I am just writing this... this is very easy saying than actually doing it ) .

Life is good. Thank You God... for giving me such a variety of experiences... and God... please... please... get me to the final round... (I am requesting for direct final round... okay? God, You know what it means... )

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Everytime You Go Away....

Couldn't sleep all night properly... whenever I did, I was waking up with "chills" and thrilling feeling... you know, it is said that if you wake up suddenly in the night, some ghost is staring you for long time and trying to read your mind. In my case, I know my ghost who is staring at me... :) It is my subconscious mind who has lots of things to-do, off course....

So, since couldn't sleep, got up, did all the chores, cooked so many dishes, had a royal bath and got ready too.. But no sunrise yet... Even my son was sleeping... Just worried about him... It's his first day at school this year. Will he cry by seeing other children cry... He shouldn't.... He behaves so cute sometimes... I just love him... I mean... see, even if I am not it lovey-dovey mood and I am instructing him in say plain voice tone... not in anger... He will say... "Mamma... say it with love..." and he will enact me...He will say just like me... and will say me. "Mamma say like this.... Betaa.... My kidduu.. eat this.... " and other words that I sometimes call him...His such behavior... I mean even if I am angry on him say because he is not listening to me for doing something, my anger melts... God... He just knows perfectly how to handle me... :)
Dear God... you know everything... I just want him to be with me always... Is this very much a mother in me asking for? I know, whatever you will do will be for his better future.... But God, I think his future is with me...


Monday, June 12, 2017

Tere bin Mai kaise Jiya

I don't know why I am missing this song since the time I am without my mobile... This song was never in my playlist though I had to listen it daily since my roommate would play it all day...
Tere Bin Mai yu kaise Jiya....Kaise jiya Tere bin...

Tere Bin Main Yun Kaise Jiya by sarfaraznarejo

Seriously, my dear mobile... Baby when you're gone, I realized I am in love... :)

When We have to live without Mobile phone

Alright, so I am not mobile phone addict but here comes the true life emergency. I have say broken my phone and I am living without any phone now. :(

Flashback :

I was supposed to work on weekend but last minute work plan got postponed to a weekday. I was just enjoying lazy weekend start when my family made a sudden plan for a weekend outing.... to a beach... Within few hours, we were driving to the destination. I enjoyed the journey. The pain started when I actually entered the place we booked. I saw my phone and there was no network coverage at all. I went out and I actually roamed around the place searching for network coverage but I didn't find any. I tried each family member's cell phone but no luck. The heart was just restless because of no mobile coverage. Brain came for argument with heart this time. "My dear heart, why are you so restless? What will happen if there is no network coverage? Just answer, is anyone going to call you?" "No." "Do you need to call anyone now?"  "No". Is anyone going to text you?" Heart was really getting upset by this question-answer session. "No... wait... just before some time... when we took dinner break from driving, one of my friend actually texted me checking if I had reached as soon as I came online.... rather two more friends... So yes... there are people who will text me...who will care for me....  and I need to respond them...". Brain asked, "Okay, and how are you going to do that?" Heart was silent... "Okay, at least let me inform my friends that there is no network coverage here, me my brain...." "Okay, that we can do...will have to do some kide". I actually did lots of tantrums to get 4 MB of internet shared from another guest in the hotel who had network and did my job.
Now, cut to day 2: I am in a sea beach, clicking photos of my family members in the water using my mobile. Suddenly a deep ocean wave came forcefully and wiped me in the water... It was so strong, I was drowned and so my mobile. My family members came to my rescue and I got up searching for phone. Yes... Phone was drowned. We actually searched a lot and by grace of God, we found the phone soon. (I actually heaved a sigh of relief. I had lost my very expensive sunglasses in the ocean in one trip, one favorite cap which I never saw again. )  I kept it back in the car. Later I tried to dry it and after it was dried, I tried to start it. It was not starting. It was showing error message "Have been in meta mode. Please click power button and boot normally". But it never did boot normally. After some time this message was also vanished. It would just vibrate internally and restart. But was all black dead on the screen. I was so upset now. I actually missed other beach visits. I had requested my family to carry on without me while I was trying to repair my phone. I did a LOT try. Actually, this time not only heart was sad but even the brain was upset. Brain had already done the mathematics. Brain could bear phone off without network coverage for few hours. But for whole day? No way.... My mobile is my asset... One day my mobile is off and I have loss of at least $20. So this is not right. Phone should start. Tried to google with other phone and tried all the options.. After long time and googling and researching, lost hope to start it on my own. It was so painful moment. Telepathy works and everything is right but sometimes, you just need your phone. Like I have fights and arguments between brain and heart, similarly everybody has. God please... I need phone badly... Please God... please... don't do this... And God... Google says I will lose all my data... No God... please all my photos are there.... I haven't even backed up those beach photos yet...

But truth is phone is damaged and now with customer service center. The customer service center staff will check it and inform me if it can be repaired or not. Before end of the day today, there was no update from customer service center, though I had followed up twice.
Anyway whatever the repairing guys come up with... may be it can be repaired... and everything happens good, photos are recovered and I will get all my data.... But I will definitely plan for worst case scenario too. I need to be ready with my backup plan. So, worst case scenario my phone can't be repaired, I will need a new phone as soon as possible. And you all know looking at my history, how much research I do to buy even a simple thing.. I have started with my research now though I don't wish to buy a phone now...

Listing my requirements first...
Obviously, I am not iPhone person so, no iPhone, it has to be android, latest one...
I will go for 4GB Ram... I need 32 GB + Storage Memory...which should be expandable.. Camera 13 MP plus, 8 MP minimum in front side, Display I can go with 5 inches, Processor I will have Octacore,  may or may not have dual sim, must have radio,  And off course latest android or at least it should be upgradable to latest one... Gorrilla glass -nice to have (If I am using it, it has to have rough and tough, isn't it?) , water resistant - nice to have...I do wish Qwerty keyboard but experience says that I don't get it with other requirements so this is optional and yes last but not the least... I will prefer Indian brand... and yes, budget... I think I am not spending more than 10000 on this... but my initial research is suggesting, I should go up to 13000 at least.  Okay... 10K is budget... little bit above...

I will plot my table features wise in excel and will see which features I can negotiate on...

I had actually had a special prayer to God for mobile phone... and I still have hope, my phone will be back again just like he left. My dear phone, it was all my mistake, I didn't care for you enough. Please come back and I promise I will care for you always. (I am talking about phone, right? :) )

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jaane Kaise Kab Kaha

So as mentioned I do get up early as I have to finish all my chores before my son wakes up... ( and he really gets up early morning). When I am in kitchen cooking, my radio is on many times. Since it's very early in the morning, no regular RJs are on the shows and really some cool songs are being played.

This morning I was making chapatis when this song came and actually I started dancing. I mean seriously? This song? There's nothing special in this song then why? I don't know... Just felt happy and  felt like dancing and... wait a minute.... who is rowing their boat in this video? I mean sometimes videos are such dumb... But you know what... I am not feeling to say any bad thing about this song... don't know why... (Oh God... is it like... you know what I mean, right? But how would I know.. ). Dear God...
Anyway, so this was on my loop for whole day and when I was humming this, my coworker was like "you have grown old, sister". Seriously? Oh no...


Goals for the Month - June 2017

Here are my goals for this month.
  • Exercise :
This month, exercise is something that I am making my first priority. As you all know, I will be stopping eating mangoes in this month. Just like each year, these mango months take a toll on the tummy.  I will have to reduce the mango mass from my body L .  I think I have already gained some weight last month (though not checked yet). And moreover my main goal is, I would like to be more fit for my upcoming treks and monsoon trips.
  • Plank -- Planks for minimum 20 days. – This was good core exercise that I should not have given up.
  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily – Rainy season should not impact my water intake… rather due to flu season I should be drinking more to prevent from cold.
  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Continue with this. I can actually start daily turmeric milk. Let’s start. At least  15 days of turmeric milk.
  • Walking/Playing 30 minutes --  I will be walking for at least 30 minutes. In case walking is not done, I will mandatorily play with my son. Anyway, walking and playing both can be done. But definitely, playing with me totally depends on the mood of my son. 
  • Research about Fitness tracker – I am planning to buy fitness tracker once again and it should be really useful this time. So, I plan to research about it and finalize on one in this month.
By the way, not bragging, and not related to my goals too, but just wanted to share.. whatever I do for fitness, I try to make sure that at least some percentage of all this, my father is following. And I am very glad that, now he himself follows most of the things without giving him reminders. I forgot to pack him Green tea box and he actually bought him the box and drinking it without reminding. Whenever I call him in the day to check if he had exercised, drank green tea, salads, milk, fruits he had done most of the things already. May be he likes that someone is taking care and he should do it for himself to be fit.
  • Reading and Writing :
I want to spend time in reading and writing instead of wasting it here and there.
  • Read and Review – Reading 4 books and submit its review.
  • Post all the older reviews in a book-review blog. – For time being, I will simply use any free platform… wordpress may be…
  •  Publish a finance article in local news channel. It’s been long time, I am not in print media.
  •  Technical blog posts publishing.
  • One technical article.
  • PDUs— Just a couple of PDUs which I can earn by interesting ways may be.
  • Finance Planning :
Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly.
  • This month my car insurance is due for renewal. I need to search, compare good deals as per my requirement before renewing.
  • Pay premiums of the due policies.
  • Tax planning -- Set all the automatic payments this month.
  • File return. (I am writing this… but I know… this is not happening, until the last minute… Still will write it here…)
  • Shopping :
  • Actually, this month is son’s school starting month. So admission fees, school material, uniform, school bag, his lunchbox, water bag and what not…Everything needs to be bought for him.
  • For home I am planning to buy new water purifier this month. But I will make this purchase only if I don’t have to buy mobile.
  • My mother says I need new rain wear. I don't think so, but may be she is right. I need new jacket for protecting myself from rain.
  • There is one more thing needs shopping in this month. My anklets have been damaged and I am really habitual to them now. So, I need to purchase new pair. Obviously, I will buy original rough and tough which will definitely cost me a chunk. Lots of shopping this month.
  • And yes… if I am going to my office picnic, I need to do some clothes shopping as well.
By the way, I have some unexpected money and I need to spend it. As mentioned earlier, I don’t wish to just “spend it”, instead I wish to make it as investment which will generate me income. Not yet decided… but this should be back in the subconscious mind to think about this.
  • Life Skills :
  • Car Driving – Continue with practice. I pass by a famous Ganapti temple in the city and certain days it becomes so crowded there that my car leaves me. I want my driving in the city should be as smooth as on the highways. I plan to drive to some Monson trip next month.
  • Cooking :  I will try some nice soup this month. and yes, lollypops... fruits lollypops and some other kids friendly products. My son is just asking for everything he sees and I need to make healthy version for him.
  • Try different styles of eye-liner – I read an article where there was a list of things that one (girl) should master before turning 30. It had perfect winged eye-liner. Seriously? I am not perfect in it. So, I am practicing it. Before end of this month, I should master it. Let’s see.  By the way, where is my 30 before 30 list? I have just forgotten about it. I need to review it. I couldn’t complete those tasks before 30 doesn’t mean I am not going to do them. Sometime soon on this….
  • Learning language – This needs to be picked up again… I actually... am feeling to learn it from someone personally may be... I don't know if that is good option or learning on myself and then talking would be better.
  • Hobby : Creating something cool. Now my son actually asks me to make something for him so this may be possible.
  • Religion/Spiritual :
  • Get son admitted to annual course of religion.
  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This is going okay these days so I think I will be able to achieve this easily.
  • One special type of fast – We have different types of fasts where we either don’t eat/drink anything or there is some limitation on eating. My body don’t allow me complete no eating drinking fast. So, I am planning for a fast where I will be eating without oil, salt, sweet etc.
    • Leisure :
      I am actually not in mood to put anything in this while writing this. I just don't have good mood now. So may be I will comeback when I actually will feel to treat myself.
    • Weekends --
    • Salon and Spa -
    • Lunch/ Dinner Date -
    • Bike Servicing  - BADLY NEEDED. Do as soon as possible.
     This month I think will be decider month for many things. I just don't want to be hanging on somewhere. Somewhere will have to take a stand. Let's see what happens. I know, God is always with me.

    Veggies Salad

    There is farmer's strike going on in the city and getting vegetables have really became tough task. But still I managed to get so many veggies​ for my daily Salad.
    Happy Healthy Eating...

    Tere Aane ki jab Khabar Lahake...

    I met few of my friends after around 13 years. It was all memories time... revisiting them...

    Bunking lectures and sitting under tree in the college was our favorite pastime for a particular teacher. We would sit together for group study at someone's home and keep on watching songs. Oh yeah... those were the years when I was working with local television. I was the only one who would pay all the canteen bills... whoever would eat anything from our group, bill was always on me since I was only getting the regular paycheck and it was really handsome paycheck... I would also use sometimes my media person's personality to our use. Even if it Cricket Match between India-Pakistan (like today when everybody was busy with India -Pakistan match and we remembering our India-Pakistan days),  I would take my reporters to my college gang only to take bytes of the enthusiasm among the young generation. We would plant it so naturally... Oh God and then "Sachin.....Sachin.....". My editor had observed this later that each time we meet a specific group randomly on road for news bytes. ( :) )
    We would celebrate all the events, festivals and everything together. Someone from the group received love letter and all the girls gang became Sherlock Holmes.
    Then there was this local on demand music channel in the city operating from the same office where I would work. It was the channel where we were supposed to telephone and choose our favorite song and it would play then in next 10 minutes's time. So our first thing was whenever we would be together at someone's home, we would definitely going to ring to "On-demand" for some song. Everybody's taste would differ in college so each time different songs we would request. There was a very simple-sober-always in Panjabi dress and total "sushil" type girl who would request the remix version of "Kaata Laga". Seriously, our true colors are only seen while we are with our friends. So now, I would use (or misuse may be) my being in the office. I would do some "technical things" in the on-demand software in the backend whenever I would be in office and it would play songs without actually dialing the telephone. Anyways,  fathers of all friends in the group would scold their daughters for huge telephone bill. And then we had set different meanings of miss-calls. Like say, 3 rings time of broadcasting my news would be "Check my news, I have wore something special today or say there is something special in the news". So, 2 rings in a particular fashion was to say, "Check on-demand channel. Somebody's favorite song is playing. I would get a list daily to play favorite songs and I would definitely do that.
    Now cut 2... flashback to my Masters days... Now, I was learning in other city but I was still working with channel. Whenever I would come back in the city, I would go for news. Instead of monthly paycheck, that was daily basis in that case. I would do advertisements, voice-over and other freelancer things for the office along with news reporting things. I was very home sick since it was first time I had left my parents and home and city and everything I loved. Now, this is a secret that whenever I would come back, I would play this song for myself... say dedicated from my father to me... or from my city to me... (yeah... this self love kind of thing goes deep into past... I was always in love with myself and would dedicate songs for myself... :) ).  I would never ever inform to my group about this song and that I had played it... But one day, one of the friends in group noticed it and confronted, "How come each time this song get played when you come back home and we are together". Seriously man... you can't hide anything from true friends....Off course, there were few more songs that I played for myself which they never realized... But this one got caught... Anyway, I was the only gazal person in the group....

    Anyway, so somehow I was missing this song and was on my loop continuously for last three days.

    Have to end the post now. I know, I am ending the post abruptly.... (main reason is this post is sitting in my drafts for last 5 days and I have already others blog posts lined up....). Nothing is more amazing than Jagjeet Singh's sweet voice...Seriously...  What  beautiful words....

    Raat bhar sochta raha Tuzko... Jahno dil mere raat bhar mahke...
    Tere aane ki jab khabar lahke...Teri Khushboo se sara ghar Mahake

    And these days... there are songs like... Shahar me hu mai tere...aake muze mil to le...
    Though this is on similar notes, this can never express the feelings that you feel when your near and dear one is in the city....after long...

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017

    30-days Leg Raise Challenge - Update - Week 1

    Okay, so this has been started and I am doing it with all heart. Actually it's fun time with my son. I am teaching him counting numbers when I do leg raises. So he counts and I exercise. (This means I did this only when he was with me.) Not completely regular, but at least started.

    Goals for the Month - May 2017 - Month end Review

    I don't have much positive updates this month. Actually I am feeling... what? It's already month end? I haven't achieved much this month. Anyway, I will just "give excuse" as I had set goal just for few days in May. You can find my May goals here..

    • Read and Review -- Well, no 3 reviews done. Only one was done. The process is lengthy so have to plan accordingly now in future. I did collect my old book review posts and article though not published anywhere yet.  I am marking this as 40% only.  -- Failed.

    • Writing: Well, not done whatever I planned but did many good things. I am going to give this 50%. Well, still it is Failed only.

    • Shopping : Okay, passed. 90%

    • Cooking :  100%. No cooking... you know there is a famous meme for this... The three words married women love... No Cooking Today... :) Offcourse, I do cook healthy whatever is required and my and my son's minimum requirements are "many" so... He also chooses from so many options to eat. He need "green", "pink", "yellow", "blue"(I don't understand what I make blue now).

    • Weekends -- Planned things went perfect... rather better than expected... Most of the weekends I was working and there was little time to sit upset.. though there were couple of weekends like that. 90%

    • Foot Spa and Spa - Okay, Foot Spa I did and it was  really good. But what more exciting was I tried Reflexology for feet. This month, because of wedding in family, I had used my salon budget 3 times. And since I had already blown the budget 3 times (3 times the estimated budget), I still went to "look good" for a friend whom I was meeting after long. :) I thought anyway, I had overused the budgeted amount, so let's make it 4 times of planned budget so I tried Reflexology too. The cheapest of all was some 700 bucks for feet so tried that and seriously, it was awesome experience. The foot spa I did initially but reflexology was done end of the month and I was like "why I didn't do this earlier"... I should not have gone for foot spa, I should have gone for this reflexology only. 100%
    • PDUs-- I had actually earned couple of PDUs. I will login to portal and will publish it soon. 100%. Done..

    • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- Done - 100%.

    • Drinking Milk Daily -- Not regular.... 70% Done

    • Tax planning -- Not as expected but okay okay... 60%

    • Lunch/ Dinner Date : Needless to say... 100% done. Went with son too... Now he too asks me for dinner date in restaurant.

    • Walking 30 minutes --  Okay. 60%.

    • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- Done 100%.

    • Plank -- 60%.

    • Finance Planning -- 70%.

    • Car Driving -- 60% done. Also prepared with maps and all for monsoon trip. Servicing done too.

    • Skill -- Well, not as I had expected to be. But yes, few things I do understand and I can say. Better I wont hurry in this. 40%.

    • Hobby : Not done. Though I created one "Calm Down Bottle" but not participated in contest. 20%.

    • Bike Servicing  - Oh God... Not done... I know, I need to do this... Rains have been started already. Roads will be slippery and need to take care.  0%

    When month actually ended, I was not in good mood to post the review. Today though these numbers are not good, I am feeling positive and I know, I can achieve all of these very easily. So, let's meet in June Goals.

    Saturday, June 3, 2017

    On the Path of Self Actualization

    In materialistic world, she was my friend... Now, She is SmitRatna Shriji  MaharajSaab...
    Mathyen Vandami Maharaaj Saab.


    Friday, June 2, 2017

    What do seeing Repeating Numbers mean?

    Last few days I am observing that I am seeing the repetitive numbers more often. I observed this while watching the time first. Whenever I am checking time, it's showing me something like 1.11,2.22, 3.33, 5.55 etc. This is happening more frequently. One of my mobiles which I use to listen music is set to some other time zone by default. So this is happening with that too now. So even if I am just changing radio channel or music, I am seeing the time as say 5.55 or say when I am checking my messages and time above is 1.11.  Since this is happening a LOT last few days, I searched about it and guess what, it actually has some meaning associated with it.

    Seeing repetitive numbers in sequence is sign that universe is trying to tell you something. Oh my God, seriously? What? Here are some websites that I checked and according to them different numbers signifies different aspects.

    Okay, so what all of these are trying to say me, let me decode... It is a Wake up call, let go of past, change is ahead, need to balance the life, new relationship demands, building new life etc. Alright! This is very generic by the way. I mean what I understand by this?

    By the way, my own logical brain has another reaction to all this. Brain "feels" (:) ) this is all rubbish. Here is what it saying...
    First of all, stop searching for meanings in random things. You are just checking time a lot that's why you are observing these numbers. They were always there, just you didn't notice. Second, while on roads also I am seeing the repetitive numbers on number plate and here is my brain saying... As always, all these numbers were like this only... Just the fact that may be your eyes were searching for some particular number on vehicles and hence you have started observing them. There is nothing unusual about the numbers. Better use your time for not checking time and phones often and don't observe the number plates... That's not gonna happen...and you know that....

    I feel my brain is becoming like "boring" or "..." I am not going to say that to my own self... :)

     Anyway, good reads... good for one time read, came to know something new so thought to share... Happy Friday Folks... Have a great weekend ahead...

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