Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wedding with Salekho and Varsidaan

Here is a life update.

I am back from the wedding in family and it was very good time spent with the family. While I was celebrating various functions of wedding various days, I was fortunate enough to be part of a Varsidaan ceremony held in the city.

Varsidaan is basically donating all your materialistic possessions before you leave this materialistic world. This is a procession ceremony where the person who is going to become monk and leaving all the house, family, relatives, actually whole materialistic world and even the name of self, hair and everything that can be given up, donates eveything in a procession. 2 years back, the plastic king of India Mr. Bhanwarlal Doshi who was owner of Rs.600 crore empire just left all the materialistic world to become the monk Shri. Bhavya Ratna Maharaj Saab. Around Rs. 125 crores were spent on his varsidaan procession decoration and was bit talk of world at that time.  Anyways, so there was a girl who was going to be monk. I participated in procession with my son. Here all the dressed up like a bride lady was in a horse designed vehicle and she was throwing with both of her hands whatever she had. There were many boxes, cartons, and big bags full of various things which included clothes, food items, toys, kitchen cutlary and many more. When my son saw this, he wanted to get something and he told me his wish. I explained him that whoever is lucky, gets it and to my surprise, within next 5 minutes, there was a biscuits pack which fell down on my sons clothes. It was thrown by that girl. I was astonished. The person next to me in the procession said, God gives everyone as per his/her need. The kid may be hungry so God gave him biscuits. Later in the procession, I got a kitchen utensil and a saree-blouse piece. Really? Is this what I need now? I was very much into that "leaving the world" mood in that Varsidaan ceremony. I think many times that I am so much spiritual and I am not very much involved in all these materialistic things then why I am still in this materialistc world? I know, my soul's ultimate goal is this only but then why I am still in this "Sansaar"?

Wedding was good. As I had posted earlier too, my whole family unites into a strong bond whenever there is a wedding or unfortunate death in the family. For the wedding, right from making laddoos, family members do all the things. All the daughters get special respect. Anyway, along with my solo dance, I was also participant of another group dance. We all sisters had choreographed a special dance with the bride in two days. I was the anchor and host of the musical evening. Along with dances and music I had kept several games for the audience with the gifts. I also financed one small function from my side. First the musical evening which lasted until midnight and then welcoming of the groom's family who reached the city, late night, it was the night we family members didn't sleep even for a moment. And then there was a Salekha time. Salekha is a poetry written by bride which she sings at the time of Vidaai, where she is mentioning all her family members and asking how she would be living without them and how she can forget them. It's actually so emotional moment that I doubt some times, it was put into the customs so that bride should cry in Vidaai (in case she is not crying already). I mean, I don't have words and didn't had words then too. I just hugged my father who was also wiping his tears from eyes.
Well, offcourse since there were many relatives, there were several times where I was teased and interrogated for my "status" but you know what... I am habitual now of all this. You can not explain your side to everybody. I would just smile in answer.  There is one thing for sure, whatever happens, whatever life throws, I don't feel worried. I mean, I may not have exact answers now but I have confidence in myself and trust on God. I know, I have bright future and everything will be just fine. How? I don't know yet. But it will.
So overall, it was family time well spent. Yeah, I did few adventures too. Wearing western dress with mehandi applied in hands I was in girly mood. But when family chose me to complete something which a "typical girl" can't do, I had to wear my "Tom- Boyish" hat with girly outfit. I am glad that my family members focus on strengths of the person and not on his/her weaknesses and use the strengths accordingly.

I am back people and am posting my long awaited goals, reviewes etc soon.


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