Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lazy Sunday..... going to be missing Sunday....

A very lazy Sunday... I did not do anything. I am not in best of my health..  This picture says it all. This is what all I did... drank teas, stayed in bed and browsed internet... 0 productivity for today. No motivation to do anyyything... No cooking, not even salad...  I thought to myself, its okay, lets rest atleast... That also I couldn't do. Why brain just don't stop thinking even for a single minute. And when you decide that you are not going to think anything and try to relax, you will think of all bad things first. You will think about what, why, who, where, how come and remember all the bad things from past... I really need to mediate...

I have lots of things to do... No advance meal preparation done for coming week, no vegetables shopping, no cleaning, no household chores......On internet too, have few things to do... payments, investments...But you see not in productive mood so can't do anything... And now  Sunday has came to an end... I am really feeling like there was no Sunday at all.. I am still living in the Saturday night.... You know, like that movie Sunday, I am missing whole Sunday from my life... I really don't want Monday to come so early.... But don't know, wish it should come early so that I will be out from this mood and "work" at least.
Anyway, I wouldn't mind if I would have at least able to sleep for some time... That's what my body need the most at present. But it seems that is also not possible now.
You people, have Happy Sunday Evening and I will try to see if I can get one "more Sunday" in my life. :(



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