Sunday, May 14, 2017

Healthy Eating and Healthy Life Style Challenge - Review in the end

Alright so I have officially ended this challenge and here are the results. By the way, if you want to take a look at my challenge, here it was posted.

Well, as far as eating part is concerned, I had mentioned earlier too, in my weekly updates that I did pretty well except couple of events. However, about exercise part of it, I was not able to carry it regularly. I have to accept that now officially that for me to exercise, will need TOOOOO big motivation. Or may be I am chosing wrong exercises. I need something adventrous, you know, my-style, that I can carry on regulary happily.  That will be my will, my wish and not something forced on me. I need to find out something like this. Say for example, may be I love cycling, trekking etc. Yes....rememberd....some time back I did kick boxing sessions for few months..... that was my style but then I left it in my pregnancy.  Ohh... okay... so how do I encorporate this in my daily routine now? Have to figure out.

About numbers, though I didn't lose any weight but losing weight was never my target so that's fine. I know muscle mass and fat ratio is what matters. I have seen 2 people of same weight number but different ratios which make them fat and thin. So whatever the number is.

By the way, here is a news. First time in life I actually wore the extra small size. Well, I do wear few small size tops but extra small? I couldn't think of. But may be because of this challenge, my waist size decreased (HAHAHA, so funny... Baby, you know what... it's not you... it's the Aurelia kurta sizes which are like that only...). Okay so whatever... I did wear extra small dress in one function of wedding.... Then the guests, relatives and the people who have seen me growing since childhood were like... "Hey you just look like you were looking before your wedding." (Huhu... keep going....). "Hey, it doesn't look like you are a mother of a toddler...."(Alright... anything else...). Actually, one of my cousins and myself are of exact same age, same month wedding, same year kids borned and she has became like, you know... "khate-pite ghar ki bahu... the bhari bharkam"... Hence, the comparision was giving me better marks but that is not big deal really... I am just as usual.. the normal one... which I was before the challenge....

Anyway, so another great news is about my locks.... Seriously... I mean about my hair... whatever people praised in wedding, that was there but I personally felt from within my heart that my hair were shining because of all good diet in this challenge. You know, I have got those live hair now...  All credits to this healthy eating.

Anyway, For No Junk Food Challenge - 100/100 I did complete everything and rather I also extended my challenge for few days more.

For clean eating challenge. - Again I will give 100/100. I actually continued it even in the wedding. (Though in heart I really wished to end it several times and eat whatever in wedding, drink tea... but due to workload may be, may be because of my son,  I was never able to eat whenever I had craving. I was like among sweets, fried items and what not... But what I was eating majorly was watermelons, cucumbers, mangoes, muskmelons....So in a way, God stretched my this challenge). It was only after I came back from wedding which was 10 days after the challenge was supposed to officially over, I drank my first sugar-mixed tea and ended the challenge.
By the way, as on time of writing this post, I had already had several "Kulfis, Ice creams, Paastas etc etc" and now I am "feeling" that I have gained 2 kgs within last 4 days... :)

Overall, I am in green side for this... looking for another challenge now...


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