Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kanhaa So Ja Jara...

A coworker was frustrated because she has to see Bahubali 2 movie twice because of her two different dates and she didn’t like the movie at all. She was feeling it all the comedy movie. I mean see the scenes… The boomrang scene which is actually the Angry Birds trick… or the scene where they had actually bought Ship ticket but later in the song they travelled by flight…

Now see this song for example… I don't know if real Princess actually sings or not in public. And I don't understand when these Princesses or Queens sing the songs, how come they can be heard to so far distance... Remember Jodha's song?

Hindi version

And here is don’t know which language version…

By the way, who is this singer? Madhushree.... Okay, have to check out...

Monday, May 29, 2017

Baarish and

There is no rain in the city for last few days... But somehow I am in rainymood. This song is playing continuously on loop and so is my singing. My coworkers are making fun by saying that its too much of rain now... Our cubicle will get flooded in so much rain while it is not actually raining outside. Change the song...
Seriously?  I just want to sing this song... and I guess, it will rain today... though its bright sunny outside now.. Let's see... I was (and am)  not very much fan of this song but today I am feeling to listen... That's it. By the way, though I am posting video here, I haven't seen the video of this song yet...I am happy with audio and Arjit Singh's voice only..

 Hawaon se Tera pata puchta hu... Ab to aaja Tu kahi se...
Ye Mausum ki barish... ye barish ka pani...
ye pani ki boondein, Tuze hi to dhunde...
Ye milne ki khwaish, ye khawish purani...

Recently, I came across with website and it is awesome. If it is not raining outside and you want to get feel of rain, just go to the website. You will hear rainy sounds, various sounds... You can use it for sleeping. Just open browser, close your eyes and you will feel it's actually raining... They also have mobile apps.
I feel why I didn't come across this website earlier... Everyone has that relationship with the rains... In my teens, I had actually written poems while watching the rains, dreamt about my future... Anyway, so this is very good tool to concentrate on work, writing as well. Just check the comments on the page and you will know how people actual use it. Definitely this is going to be my favorite one now in my all browsers...

Good Morning People, may God bless you with rain of happiness today...  

Sunday, May 28, 2017

30-days Leg Raise Challenge - Update - Week 0

Just a single line update that I haven't started this challenge in this week. I was not in best of my health so didn't actually stretch myself. Will be starting from today.

Maktoob, Power of positivity, love and choosing to be Happy

Alright, if you are my regular reader, you know that most of the times I am a positive person. I do feel my lows at times but that's momentarily. Once that "negative" moment is passed, I am again positive person. By the way, it's okay to feel anger, negativity, sad, depressed at some time, isn't it? Feelings are something which make us human, right? So, it's okay to be angry, but it's not okay to be cruel.

Anyway, so this positivity keeps showing me it's power millions of times. I meet good people, even strangers help me.  If I am not prepared for something, I will just go to sleep and when I wake up I will be prepared. Means even Dreams are also filled with this positive energy... say I am sleeping alone and in dreams I am afraid of something... In dreams, someone very special will text chat with me (who will never, by the way in real world) for something... So that I get company and I don't feel scared. There is this connection and the bond between your friends also where no logic works. You are feeling very down and your friend who will text once in blue moon, will send something so motivational that you actually end up calling the person.... and about my "love theory" I have written so many times already...  That is also positivity power... power of love...
I strongly believe in strength of love. Yes, in real world, I do have suffered in love and had issues. But this did not make my trust in love any lesser. I still believe "That's the way it is".
I mean see for example, I am in bad mood last few days, I am feeling like someone is betraying me even after its all over.. That's all did hurt... But then I chose to work on it.. to cheer me up and I am consciously listening to motivational songs, listening to love radio channels only  which make you love yourself more... (Haven't you observed this that whenever you listen true, good love songs, you feel good... good about yourself may be... if you love yourself off course... you get that strength to move mountains... well not actual mountains... but to do something great). I have experienced this so many times... When I am in bad mood and whining, nothing good happens... Everything is going bad and failures everywhere... But when I choose to be happy and don't worry about anything... Everything is good... I get success everywhere... I will get happy experiences, I will be successful everywhere, I mean even if I fail, I am still happy because I get something good out of it too.. Okay latest example... it's your wedding anniversary... and obviously you are somewhere deep in heart feeling little bit sad for how life turned bad and etc etc. But you choose to be happy and guess what... you get a call from radio station that you have won " a couple voucher for a weekend getaway".. Oh. my. God... This is the place where you had gifted a picnic to your husband in your happy times... Now, God knows that you are alone and God don't want you to spend the day alone crying or feeling sad, instead God is giving you all the reason to go alone and celebrate your wedding anniversary your way ... 

You know what, it's this bond only where your heart knows everything...when you, your logical brain don't know things or facts, it's the heart who already knows everything...You know the "Maktoob" kind of thing.... There are hundreds of experiences where I "didn't know the facts" but heart had sensed the future... you see that "Koi phool na khila fir khooshbu kaha se aai" thing... or "The Final Count Down" thing or may be "Janam dekh lo mit gai duriya, mai yaha hu" or "Here, I am" feeling or that "Mai karungi intzaar" feeling...

Oh my God... I am just writing random things... But that's up... let your thoughts flow freely baby... It's required every once in a while.... even though it doesn't make sense..

PS: After I wrote the title of this post, I seriously missed my colleague friend so much. There was a friend in office with whom I would discuss anything, right from the book I am reading currently, the shows I am watching, mostly Pretty Little Liars, to making her listen the stupidest song that I am listening that day. So this word, "Maktoob" was not only mine but her favorite phrase too. She would also have similar thoughts about positivity. There would be many co-incidences with her in the office that some "logical" person would doubt, how it is possible. But we both have accepted that fact very well with this word only "Maktoob".  I miss someone to have these daily chats and dramas in office now.

Anyway, so power of love and positivity had given me good work and results today...I have also got the strength to fight with the problems past is creating now... as I said, even though I might fall off the cliff, I am sure, God will catch me or I will learn to fly...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Chapati Noodles

I am seriously turning into serious mother. I made noodles from Chapati for my son. It really turned out to be tasty.... Taste with nutrition....

B +

I keep on smiling on many things, let go of many things or I don't react on things as people want me to react. I keep on thinking "Not a big deal" like the movie "Chalo Dilli" may be. But yes, there is something which is going to be "a real big deal".  Everyone have problems in life and so do I. I don't know what should it be called, a problem or the solution. Whatever it is, going to change the life forever. I am going to face millions of problems, I may cry for some nights and I don't have answers of millions of questions myself yet. However, there is only one thing for sure... I am strong, confident and positive... Whatever life throws, I will survive... I thought about the worst things at the moment that I can think of and I think all is happening for something good.

God, I know, whatever you will do that will be for my betterment. I know you do everything for a reason.  Just give me the strength to bear all this. Don't let break me. I know, I am falling from a big mountain and it's dark everywhere and I don't know what is lying ahead of me or where I am heading to after this fall from a cliff. But I trust you... either you will catch me or you will teach me to fly.

No matter what life throws, be positive...ALL THE TIME... BE POSITIVE... Everything is gonna be okay.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lazy Sunday..... going to be missing Sunday....

A very lazy Sunday... I did not do anything. I am not in best of my health..  This picture says it all. This is what all I did... drank teas, stayed in bed and browsed internet... 0 productivity for today. No motivation to do anyyything... No cooking, not even salad...  I thought to myself, its okay, lets rest atleast... That also I couldn't do. Why brain just don't stop thinking even for a single minute. And when you decide that you are not going to think anything and try to relax, you will think of all bad things first. You will think about what, why, who, where, how come and remember all the bad things from past... I really need to mediate...

I have lots of things to do... No advance meal preparation done for coming week, no vegetables shopping, no cleaning, no household chores......On internet too, have few things to do... payments, investments...But you see not in productive mood so can't do anything... And now  Sunday has came to an end... I am really feeling like there was no Sunday at all.. I am still living in the Saturday night.... You know, like that movie Sunday, I am missing whole Sunday from my life... I really don't want Monday to come so early.... But don't know, wish it should come early so that I will be out from this mood and "work" at least.
Anyway, I wouldn't mind if I would have at least able to sleep for some time... That's what my body need the most at present. But it seems that is also not possible now.
You people, have Happy Sunday Evening and I will try to see if I can get one "more Sunday" in my life. :(


Mai Karungi Tera Intzaar....

YouTube did show this song now... See the video... seriously?

I mean I don't even want to comment on this... . I just pray there should be always happy ending to everything... and ending is not just when hero-heroine gets together... It's actually the beginning of the story... Later its their responsibility to be together in all thick and thin and work out and fight with whole world, for issues, if any.
Oh God... :) I think I should be sleeping now... Random thoughts are coming in mind.
Good Night World... Sweet Dreams... Happy Sunday...

30-days Leg Raise Challenge

Fitness Café has again came up with something that I found interesting. It claims to burn the belly fat. Let's see if it actually does so or not. I am joining this challenge from today. Ideally I should have started it with new month.. But I don't want to waste 10 remaining days of this month. So I will start from today...
I will be posting my updates each week and at the end of the challenge. This starts today... It's around 2 Am in the clock now so already new date has started. Hence, I can actually start exercising now itself before sleeping and it should count in day 1. Anyhow, I am not feeling sleepy... Oh God... sleepless nights... There should be good reason for sleepless nights... (say reading a good book.... ;) ). We should not spend nights sleepless worrying about something or someone. God... why you give reasons to worry?

Anyway, all the best for this 30 days leg raise challenge. Get set Go...

Goals for the Month - May 2017

As of publishing the goals post, already more than half of the month has passed and just few days are remaining for month end. But as stated earlier, I was not able to publish my goals here doesn't mean that I had not set them on my time. As of today, I had actually worked on many of them already.
I had actually set May end as a deadline to be free from  many worries. So, to meet my deadline I am doing and I still have to take many little steps.
  • Read and Review -- I have got a gig for reviewing books. This is paid opportunity with little payment initially. My payment will increase as the quantity and quality of my reviews increase. To start with, I am starting small. I will be reviewing 3 books this month. Meanwhile, I also need to search for my old written book reviews that I can add to my portfolio. I will setup a book-review blog for them to display may be.

  • Writing: I am again making writing as my priority. I will be spending much time reading+writing. I want to write whatever I have in my drafts, bookmarks and mind since long. Let the posts be flooded to my technical blog. Minimum 5 posts to technical blog after today and a full length technical article. As I had stated in my annual goals, I need to get my numbers back for my websites, so to increase my followers, I need to post regularly. Here also I will be posting more often.. even if its just a song that heart is singing.

  • Shopping : No shopping... only essential things for home and son will be bought this month.

  • Cooking :  Well, now here is dilemma. :) Dilemma... Okay... so between heart and mind.. Mind is saying don't waste time in cooking and heart is saying... let's try some new dish... new salad... new recipe...Well, I am listening to mind at this moment and no cooking... only daily minimum cooking for daily survival.

  • Weekends -- Though I wish to go out and enjoy life...I will be spending all my weekends in my office, doing my planned things including rebranding, marketing etc.. have to meet my deadline.

  • Foot Spa and Spa - Okay, so I am not going to enjoy weekends. But I don't want to be upset too. I guess this is perfect time for trying foot spa. I have never tried foot spa. I visit salon for pedicure regularly and I am guessing foot spa should be some advanced thing sort of pedicure with more relaxation and leisure activity may be. Well, I am not sure about the salon where I will be doing this. Lakme or Enrich don't have it for sure. I think if I don't find some good place, I can go with DIY at home one for this month. My goal is to start with it at least. And yes, I have a voucher of a spa discount which will be expiring this month. Hence, I will have to use it that too. I got it as my Women's day gift and it is not near my home. So, have to invest more time to travel to this place (first search it) and then spa day. Weekend day will be spent.

  • PDUs-- I am not planning for any of it actually this month. So, even couple of PDUs will be okay for this month. That I can actually get by attending chapter's meeting and business lunch/dinner whatever is planned for this month.

  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- This got a setback in this month for few days. So again strictly have to check that I am drinking atleast 5 liters of water daily.

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Continue with this.

  • Tax planning -- Beginning of the planning... set all the automatic payments this month.

  • Lunch/ Dinner Date : I will have minimum of 6 Lunch/dinner dates with myself. Seriously this is badly needed. A couple of days ago, I was just upset for something and I thought to cheer me up by lunch date with myself. I went to a place and the waiter asked me "How many people, Madam?". I gave him dead cold stare and replied with a sweet smile, "I, Me and myself.... I am Single person". He said , "Sorry, Madam". My mood was refreshed there itself...On my confident reply... If you are confident enough to walk in a restaurant have your lunch/dinner date with yourself, if you can go and enjoy a live-in-concert alone by yourself... do you think you need someone to make you happy? Your happiness is right inside you.. Don't depend on anyone....Anyway so lunch/dinner/snacks dates badly needed this month. Still upset days are pending and then I am guessing I will be more upset this month. I will be trying my best not to be sad but you know...

  • Walking 30 minutes --  This needs to be picked up again. And I am again planning to buy activity tracker (well, not this month... may be after I get some extra payment). My last activity tracker I gave to my colleague since for many days I was failing my "10000" steps goal and he was regular in his walking and needed to buy new one.

  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This is going okay these days so I think I will be able to achieve this easily.

  • Plank -- Plank Challenge for minimum 12 days. -- Okay, I am starting again with this. Let's try for 12 days.

  • Finance Planning -- Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly.
  • Car Driving -- Get servicing done and continue with practice. I plan to drive to some Monson trip next month.

  • Skill -- I am learning new language and subscribed to a learning course. Though it is for more days, I think if I can spend more time in learning, I should be able to finish before month ends. Well, not realistic and actually I should not rush...Learning new language is life skill... I can take it slow and steady for better learning. Okay... so may be let's set... say simple conversation in the new language? Okay, done... By the end of this month, I should be able to do normal simple conversations... at least couple of them.

  • Hobby : I wish to participate in Fevicryl's contest. So, need to create something. If time permits, will create something and publish. (optional...)

  • Bike Servicing  - This is my task and pending since long. I haven't done my vehicle servicing since months. I thought to get it done, put it in my monthly goals. Here it is. There is no one in the life now, who will repair my vehicle's breaks without my knowledge while I have parked it somewhere. I only have to take care of these stuffs. The biggest advantage of being independent is you do all those tasks too, which you don't like or you don't feel like doing anytime.

At the time of writing these goals I am actually little (very very little) bit worried but confident too. I am not fearing even for a second. I know, God is with me.. I know, we will do it. I think I am getting close to what I want.... how part of it... I was figuring out... I think clouds are clearing now... I am able to see the sunshine... Again, it's a risk... but that's how we enjoy our life, right? by risking everything... Let's see what happens... I know, whatever God does, its all for good in the end.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pa ni ni Sa Sa... Ga ma Pa ni ni...

Okay, so drama first...
When I was living with my younger brother and we were enjoying our bachelor days, my brother was fan of this song. He had kept the video of this song on desktop. I was like reluctant to what language it is in, I don't know, why to waste time in listening to songs which you don't understand. And anyway, I always skipped those South Indian movies which were dubbed in Hindi. I didn't like the fact that those actors were strangers and the lipsync problem. So whatever.. By the way, in later years, I was forced to see all those South Indian Hindi dubbed movies that I see a scene now and can tell whole story on any South Indian movie that is airing on television.

But one day, I opened the video of this song accidently and hey, there was Genelia in it. I knew her. She was in Tuze Meri Kasam, the movie which had given us good memories in college. (I had shared this story earlier too... my whole class *except me... you know... I don't watch movies in theaters... because of my that promise to myself for that thing I want to buy.....  * went to watch this movie by bunking one class and I alone attended that lecture. Actually, my teacher caught me for class. When asked by our teacher, I lied about all my classmates to save them and later next day whole class continued my lies. Teacher realized that all they were lying but he understood our friendship and the fact that we just wanted to save each other. )  Anyway, so Genelia... okay, I continued with song... Rich guy, innocent girl... first signs of love... he takes her to pub, she is uncomfortable, he realizes, takes her out and dances for her on street... Seriously? God... that's nice song... I liked it... but nothing other than this Pa ni ni sa, Ga ma Pa ni ni, I was understanding... I saw, there were 2 videos on desktop for this song. One was just this music pa ni ni sa... I guess my brother must have used it for his ring tone and other was this complete song.  I liked the tune very much... It was catchy... I would say pa ni ni sa many times... Later, I don't remember anytime I had heard that song (I mean after leaving my younger brother's home). I remembered this Pa ni sa thing couple of days ago and thanks to Google, I was able to search by only the keywords "Pa ni sa Genelia..." Ohh... so this song is called as Apudo Ipido... that's why I couldn't find it in gaana. Anyway, so here lovely song is...

By the way, I was just thinking...I seriously have no general knowledge about South Indian languages... I had one bestie-type coworker who was South Indian and I never understood the difference between Tamil, Telugu, Maliyali and don't even remember fourth language. So, for me all they were same and I KNOW this is very bad... and can offend anyone. I think I should be able to drill down and at least understand the difference between these least I should be able to use the proper word instead of using the word "South Indian" each time.. Oh I am sorry readers, if I am offending any of you... But I have decided to work on this and I am going to learn atleast the differences between these languages and one of these properly...  My son is having a friend who speaks a regional language and to my surprise, my son speaks that language fluently now with her. Seriously, who did teach him that language? Nobody... Only the fact that girl is his friend who speaks that language... and now he has learnt it from her... Seriously? If my 3 years old boy can learn without even trying... I can offcourse, try to learn these languages... Done... Decided... I am learning some details about these... What and how not yet sure... Have to figure it out...

PS: At the time of writing this post, I don't know the meaning of this song... I just loved the video and music. But very soon, after I learn some basics, I should be able to understand the lyrics... and what is this Apudo ipudo atleast...


Thursday, May 18, 2017


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Maanja Aye Khuda....Itnisi hai Dua... Mai Jaada nahi Mangati.....

A co-worker was happy today. She had received special appreciation. Her team members were making fun of her that she was working too hard. She had finished almost a week's work in a day. She smiled and said... "If someone is appreciating you, showing the faith in you, you have the responsibility to prove it right...".

 I remembered the X and Y motivation theory from management. The person who had appreciated was "Y- type of manager".  He knew how to make most of the employees by motivating them. Some time back, I had chance to have a training where I was taught about different types of people - Analytical, driver, amiable and expressive. I was taught how to identify them and how to work with them. It seems that the colleague who had received appreciation and who had sent appreciation both were of expressive type and hence I do not doubt that there would be good work done together by both of them... because they know how to deal with each other and make the most of them.

One of my roommate had a opposite experience. She had "X-type of manager". She was very hard working employee but since her manager would never appreciate her, she was not at the level she should be. She had asked many times to her manager for good opportunities, challenging work but he would just demotivate her by saying she had a performance issue. He would just focus on bad things, weaknesses and keep telling her that she was bad, she was bad. There were many things she was capable of and she had done actually. But since her "X-type" of manager did not know, he never appreciated. When she told me this, I had suggested her to inform her manager what extra ordinary things she had done and keep him informed each time. When she would do that, her manager would say, "That's your job. It is just expected from you....nothing extra ordinary you have done." I remember, my room mate just would come home and cry. When her reporting manager was changed, her manager didn't even inform her and when she tried to ask, she was never given response. Because of this, her management was feeling that she was not following proper reporting hierarchy. Anyway, we room mates  have seen her, staying up whole night to help other team members....when some client needed her team-member's help, she actually managed to motivate her team member and got the things done in middle of the night. She was the one who went to her "Rishta-meeting" with her husband on a weekend in a lunch break because she was actually working and interviewing prospective employees of her organization. Anyway, I know that if you want to get good business, you have to take care of your good resources.... and understanding employees, their "type" is the first step. When you know, what "type" is your employee,  what his/her "needs" are... which "plane" employee is and what his/her "needs" need to be satisfied... you can squeeze them to the most and get the best from them.
Oh my God, just see my last sentence written... I have used so many theories here... see the keywords.... "type", "needs", "plane"  etc. Sometimes I feel that I am lucky to be well-read. Oh yeas, I have won a book at local radio station and I need to go and collect it. But the radio office is so far that I should have at least 3 hours to spend. Problem is that radio office has 5 days working just like mine and I am supposed to go in weekdays 11-5 pm and main problem is I don't know the place. Oh God... it means I am definitely going to be lost... so another 2 hours extra... 4-5 hours in a weekday... in office time... only for a book? and book is " You are my reason to smile...". Oh my God... see the smile... blush... blush...

I will just end on a note that, Oh God thank you for giving me opportunities, for giving me good work to do, for giving me good co-workers and for everything... :)
God, you know, what my heart wishes... right? Jo bhi chahu wo mai paau... Zindagi me jeet jaau... Maanja Aye Khuda, itni si hai Dua, mai jaada nahi mangati....

Good Morning World...It is lovely morning...  Have a smart working day...  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kal Kisne Dekha Hai...

Kal kisne dekha hai kya bharosa hai... rah na jaaye gile...
Yahi iptada bhi hai...  Iltajaa bhi hai... hai Mohabbat yeh...

Oh ho ho Oh hoooho....Aankho hi aankho me yun...

I listened this on radio... today... I remember, I have seen this movie so many times just to see this song...  That's Mohit Chauhan... Early days I guess... because I think this movie is around 2007-2008....
Hey, but this is not the complete song... It doesn't have my favourite lyrics... Kal kisne dekha hai.... Let me Google... Oh my God... there are so many songs from Ankhome... Huhu... Seems all are from my list... Oh... do I like eyes... may be...  ;)

Goals for the Month - April 2017 -- Month end Review

Below is the month end review of my April month's goals. As you know, I had re-written my April month's goals. You can find them here.
  • Writing: I knew... something like this will be happening.. Top most priority is total failure.  Because of work load and trainings and homeworks and other things couldn't write. By the way, I got "You are my reason to smile" book to read. Won it in a contest. Failed. 0%.

  • Shopping : Done lots of shopping for myself and my boy. I have so many sarees, dresses and kurtas this month.  - Done 100%.

  • Cooking :  I had planned nothing... I am not in mood of cooking for next 2 years now. :) By the way at the time I am writing this, I had already tried making mango pickle today and my paneer is in progress so that I can cook some paneer dish in weekdays. ;) Done 100%.

  • Weekends -- Well, not all planned things done. But it was okay. Still I am giving this 40%.

  • Dance -- It was good dance. As mentioned earlier, had also participated in another group dance. Will give this 100%.

  • PDUs--  This is again success and that too without trying too much.  I had planned for 8 PDUs only in April month and I earned 12. -- Done 150%


  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- Done. This was not done for a couple of days in travelling but that's it. I went back to normal. 95%.

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Done 100%.

  • Tax planning -- Done with two policies already. 100% for this month.

  • Lunch/ Dinner Date : Done 100%. I mean, how can I say no to eating out?  :)

  • Walking 30 minutes -- I had dropped this so no issues.

  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This went well. 100%.

  • Plank -- Plank Challenge for minimum 15 days. -- Done 80%.

  • Finance Planning -- Well, mutual funds not done but shares are going great... Lage Raho.... 70%.
  • Car Driving -- Oh my God... this went so cool... I am going to write a complete post on this topic soon. -- Done 100% finally.

  • Hobby : Though I had kept this optional, since this is not done, I will mark it as failure. Failed. 0%.

Oh my God... at the time of writing this review, I have exact the same feeling which I was having while posting goals.  It's live this moment.. Enjoy the life baby....who knows...kya pata... kal ho na ho...

Healthy Eating and Healthy Life Style Challenge - Review in the end

Alright so I have officially ended this challenge and here are the results. By the way, if you want to take a look at my challenge, here it was posted.

Well, as far as eating part is concerned, I had mentioned earlier too, in my weekly updates that I did pretty well except couple of events. However, about exercise part of it, I was not able to carry it regularly. I have to accept that now officially that for me to exercise, will need TOOOOO big motivation. Or may be I am chosing wrong exercises. I need something adventrous, you know, my-style, that I can carry on regulary happily.  That will be my will, my wish and not something forced on me. I need to find out something like this. Say for example, may be I love cycling, trekking etc. Yes....rememberd....some time back I did kick boxing sessions for few months..... that was my style but then I left it in my pregnancy.  Ohh... okay... so how do I encorporate this in my daily routine now? Have to figure out.

About numbers, though I didn't lose any weight but losing weight was never my target so that's fine. I know muscle mass and fat ratio is what matters. I have seen 2 people of same weight number but different ratios which make them fat and thin. So whatever the number is.

By the way, here is a news. First time in life I actually wore the extra small size. Well, I do wear few small size tops but extra small? I couldn't think of. But may be because of this challenge, my waist size decreased (HAHAHA, so funny... Baby, you know what... it's not you... it's the Aurelia kurta sizes which are like that only...). Okay so whatever... I did wear extra small dress in one function of wedding.... Then the guests, relatives and the people who have seen me growing since childhood were like... "Hey you just look like you were looking before your wedding." (Huhu... keep going....). "Hey, it doesn't look like you are a mother of a toddler...."(Alright... anything else...). Actually, one of my cousins and myself are of exact same age, same month wedding, same year kids borned and she has became like, you know... "khate-pite ghar ki bahu... the bhari bharkam"... Hence, the comparision was giving me better marks but that is not big deal really... I am just as usual.. the normal one... which I was before the challenge....

Anyway, so another great news is about my locks.... Seriously... I mean about my hair... whatever people praised in wedding, that was there but I personally felt from within my heart that my hair were shining because of all good diet in this challenge. You know, I have got those live hair now...  All credits to this healthy eating.

Anyway, For No Junk Food Challenge - 100/100 I did complete everything and rather I also extended my challenge for few days more.

For clean eating challenge. - Again I will give 100/100. I actually continued it even in the wedding. (Though in heart I really wished to end it several times and eat whatever in wedding, drink tea... but due to workload may be, may be because of my son,  I was never able to eat whenever I had craving. I was like among sweets, fried items and what not... But what I was eating majorly was watermelons, cucumbers, mangoes, muskmelons....So in a way, God stretched my this challenge). It was only after I came back from wedding which was 10 days after the challenge was supposed to officially over, I drank my first sugar-mixed tea and ended the challenge.
By the way, as on time of writing this post, I had already had several "Kulfis, Ice creams, Paastas etc etc" and now I am "feeling" that I have gained 2 kgs within last 4 days... :)

Overall, I am in green side for this... looking for another challenge now...

Wedding with Salekho and Varsidaan

Here is a life update.

I am back from the wedding in family and it was very good time spent with the family. While I was celebrating various functions of wedding various days, I was fortunate enough to be part of a Varsidaan ceremony held in the city.

Varsidaan is basically donating all your materialistic possessions before you leave this materialistic world. This is a procession ceremony where the person who is going to become monk and leaving all the house, family, relatives, actually whole materialistic world and even the name of self, hair and everything that can be given up, donates eveything in a procession. 2 years back, the plastic king of India Mr. Bhanwarlal Doshi who was owner of Rs.600 crore empire just left all the materialistic world to become the monk Shri. Bhavya Ratna Maharaj Saab. Around Rs. 125 crores were spent on his varsidaan procession decoration and was bit talk of world at that time.  Anyways, so there was a girl who was going to be monk. I participated in procession with my son. Here all the dressed up like a bride lady was in a horse designed vehicle and she was throwing with both of her hands whatever she had. There were many boxes, cartons, and big bags full of various things which included clothes, food items, toys, kitchen cutlary and many more. When my son saw this, he wanted to get something and he told me his wish. I explained him that whoever is lucky, gets it and to my surprise, within next 5 minutes, there was a biscuits pack which fell down on my sons clothes. It was thrown by that girl. I was astonished. The person next to me in the procession said, God gives everyone as per his/her need. The kid may be hungry so God gave him biscuits. Later in the procession, I got a kitchen utensil and a saree-blouse piece. Really? Is this what I need now? I was very much into that "leaving the world" mood in that Varsidaan ceremony. I think many times that I am so much spiritual and I am not very much involved in all these materialistic things then why I am still in this materialistc world? I know, my soul's ultimate goal is this only but then why I am still in this "Sansaar"?

Wedding was good. As I had posted earlier too, my whole family unites into a strong bond whenever there is a wedding or unfortunate death in the family. For the wedding, right from making laddoos, family members do all the things. All the daughters get special respect. Anyway, along with my solo dance, I was also participant of another group dance. We all sisters had choreographed a special dance with the bride in two days. I was the anchor and host of the musical evening. Along with dances and music I had kept several games for the audience with the gifts. I also financed one small function from my side. First the musical evening which lasted until midnight and then welcoming of the groom's family who reached the city, late night, it was the night we family members didn't sleep even for a moment. And then there was a Salekha time. Salekha is a poetry written by bride which she sings at the time of Vidaai, where she is mentioning all her family members and asking how she would be living without them and how she can forget them. It's actually so emotional moment that I doubt some times, it was put into the customs so that bride should cry in Vidaai (in case she is not crying already). I mean, I don't have words and didn't had words then too. I just hugged my father who was also wiping his tears from eyes.
Well, offcourse since there were many relatives, there were several times where I was teased and interrogated for my "status" but you know what... I am habitual now of all this. You can not explain your side to everybody. I would just smile in answer.  There is one thing for sure, whatever happens, whatever life throws, I don't feel worried. I mean, I may not have exact answers now but I have confidence in myself and trust on God. I know, I have bright future and everything will be just fine. How? I don't know yet. But it will.
So overall, it was family time well spent. Yeah, I did few adventures too. Wearing western dress with mehandi applied in hands I was in girly mood. But when family chose me to complete something which a "typical girl" can't do, I had to wear my "Tom- Boyish" hat with girly outfit. I am glad that my family members focus on strengths of the person and not on his/her weaknesses and use the strengths accordingly.

I am back people and am posting my long awaited goals, reviewes etc soon.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ful mahake nahi... Kuch Gumsum se hai..

Ful mahake nahi, kuch gumsum se hai... Jaise ruthe hue kuch ye Tumse hai...
Kuch kam roshan hai roshani... kuch gam gili hai baarishe...


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