Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Questions of a Toddler

So my boy is 3 years old now and his questions have became so random. I really wonder where he get all those questions from. He is so curious all the time. But his creativity is at the peak at the time we are in toilet, I mean he is doing his job and myself - the mother is holding him. (Though he is ahead of kids his age, he is not yet completely potty trained). Actually, since he was little I have made this time as question answers session. I would always make most of this time by teaching him new things like this is tap, this is bucket, then these are eyes, these are hands, head, mouth etc and then asking him questions to revise these taught things.  It seems that my this habit is now haunting me.  He keeps asking me so many questions... well, as other kids he asks me questions all the time I am with him but this time is just my interview time now...
And the questions are becoming so difficult these days...
"Mother, why you are not boy?" "Because I am your mother and all mothers are girls, I had already told you that mothers are girls." "Okay then why I am not girl?", "How cow is giving milk and what is that?" "What is the color of tap or cement?" Off course, I do answer him all the time with all the patience and in the words with examples he will understand but then these questions are just not-ending anywhere.

If we had to wait for longer to let him finish his "job" and I by mistake give bored expression, he will ask, "Is your stomach paining?" He refers to my period cramps when I just tell him that my stomach is paining. When I refuse, his next question is "when will your stomach pain then?" I seriously feel, how does his brain select such questions to ask...If I am not answering his questions, his next question is why are you not answering mother? Is there something in your mouth that you are eating? Or did you cry? (Oh God, never on the earth I cried in front of him, still I don't know where he gets this idea from that I will keep quiet if I cried).  But there is one good thing, for few questions if I am not comfortable after answering say about relations and all, he don't actually repeat those questions again. I don't know how come he got that maturity so early but he just sense and never talk about that again.
 Anyway and when he makes me angry, not listening to me and doing all the stubbornness... God...I just feel to... I remember if one of my posts (just searched here, it's not on this blog, that post is on my another personal blog) I had written for my kid-to-be while I was pregnant, that be just like me... be all the Ziddi and something like that.. Now I feel he has actually listened that wish and became just like me... which is sometimes so annoying... God... I know I annoy much at times but so much...


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