Saturday, April 22, 2017

Level of Independence

Here is a scenario... When you are already late from office and then you find that your vehicle broke down... Nobody from your support group at workplace is present to help you... It's so late that all repairing shops nearby have closed down. You don't want anyone to disturb and call for you to pick up. Then. there ..there you have achieved awesome level of Independence. No strings attached to anyone and you know that only you have to solve your problems. You are not going to call some male to pick you up. Basically you are just comfortable with yourself and you don't need any man to complete you...Life is  good....

I remember when I left my home first time, came out in real world from safe shelter of parents.... I was just the same.... You realize in your life for the first time that even your toothpaste when finished, you only will have to buy new one... It was your father who always did this all your life till now and you never noticed... You only have to carry your big luggage..., you only have to buy cleaning stuffs and do all the cleaning... and everything basically... Doing all the things.... I would always be singing Shaan's Tanha Dil.... Basically, it was for lines "Ankhome sapne liye, Ghar se hum chal to diye" and would sing out all the pain of homesickness...
Alright so you are just carrying your broken scooter and after covering quite long distance you get to one repairing shop. The staff start checking. They give you all the reasons to change the stuffs and you agree only if that's the last thing they can do.   You ask them to  hurry up as your kid is waiting home. But then those people don't have the stuffs to be changed so one of them goes somewhere in an autorikshaw to get that since all the nearby shops has closed already. You have some waiting and thinking time...You send couple of "I miss you" texts to your besties and to make you smile you receive "Is everything alright?" , "Shall I call you now?" responses....Yaar... these besties are the people who know you truly... You get more strength by realizing once again that there are some people in the world to whom you can access any time... but you don't do it.
By this time your sixth sense senses something and find out that you are not with good people... The people around you are actually not good. You quickly scan all the things nearby and you just deal with it confidently... You keep your Self Defense mode on. But not for a single minute you fear. You see time and get to realize you have not seen your kid for more than 13 hours now. Again next day you need to go to work as early as possible as you have some "home work" to complete before starting your actual work.

The person in autorikshaw comes back and there was no stuff found to be replaced. So now there is nothing that can be done with your scooter. Now this time you actually raise your voice and asks those people to make the vehicle in whatever position it was. They do something and ask you to get it repaired as soon as some shop opens in the morning. Bill is 620Rs... What? Come on... I mean seriously? That person has not even changed or repaired the things... What he did was just made some arrangements to the scooter so that it will run for 20 kms more... Adding 50-100Rs of that autorikshaw fare... But 620? All those people started staring me and I again felt that these were "bad guys". I should leave now as soon as possible. You give 500Rs stating that's all you have got. After some arguments that person accepts and you leave.

When you reach home, your son welcomes you with his report card in hand. God... his playschool result is out. Oh God... You come to know that neighbors have actually distributed sweets for their pre-school kid's result. God... am I bad mother? I didn't get any sweets.... No... We are good... rather we are the best in our way... We are his mother and father both.... and we don't want to distribute sweets for this... I don't want him to learn this way.

Anyway, you go to your favorite God and look up, smile and say... Thank you God... I know that was you....Thank you for making me independent... thank you for giving me this freedom...


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