Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Healthy Eating and Healthy Life Style Challenge - Weekly Update

One week had already passed and I am doing okay okay for this so far. I have done all the things planned. There was only one day missed for Sun Salutation. Rest everything was done properly. I am realizing that as usual, I am doing all the clean eating things very nicely, but when it is coming to workout or exercise part of it, I am struggling. I am tracking all these things in an excel file and water, milk, no sugar, fruits, salads everything is going well.

However, frankly speaking, after one week of this challenge, I am not feeling lighter... Rather I am feeling heavier... Is that drinking milk doing too much? Or am I eating too much and exercising less? yeah may be... But whatever, lets still continue with this for this month... Even if I put on weight (in worst case scenario before wedding, I can always pretend that I am just happy go fattier in the wedding :( But I don't want to be fat.. I want to look gorgeous in my outfits...). Anyway, moral of the story, add more workouts in daily routine.


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