Sunday, April 2, 2017

Goals for the Month - March 2017 - Tracking

Here is my month-end review for my goals for March month. For reference, here are the goals of the month posted.

  • Shopping : Done pretty well. From curtains to kitchen accessories, from mobile cover to different lip balms I bought many things that I had wished since long. Almost each day the courier delivery boy was getting me something that I had ordered and you know what, when one day I was broke and did not shop anything and I just spoke the words I want to do lots of shopping today, God turned the Santa and I got gifts for everyone in the family (which obviously I had ordered earlier). Among major shopping ones, the main refrigerator one... actual purchase is not done. I had my own criteria (like 5 star energy rating, single door, Indian brand etc) decided and I had done lots of research according to that. I shortlisted 3 different models and went to an actual store to see those. However, when I visited the store along with a colleague friend, the salespersons gave information about the energy ratings and actually it seemed that even though a model was 3 star but it was consuming energy lesser than other brands 4 star model. So I was little bit convinced to give up on my one criteria of 5 star.  I was actually tempted enough to buy it instantly. But obviously, I did not want to make decision in hurry so I slept on it. Next day when I asked a doubt to my colleague friend, he was like, "why are you thinking so much, it's not a very big purchase, just go n buy". These words first made me think and I realized I was making mistake by hurrying. The earlier day I had thought to buy it in 2 days but this moment I decided NOT to buy it for 2 weeks at least.  I should NOT leave my criteria just for someone else. I am a stubborn person and my purchases are my own decisions.... always... I can consider someone's suggestion but no one can force me to buy something. I am who I am and I will do what I like. Thanks my friend, for reminding me that I am not like you. Anyway so I again started searching with my very own criteria and  this time again came up with few models. By the way, here is a link that was helpful. I did try to order couple of them. One was not available in my area for delivery and another had stock not available. So had to wait now for getting it into the stock. I will mark this as 65% Done. And yes, I also bought a failed purchase in this. I bought solar mobile charger and guess what, though it works, it doesn't work with my mobile. It has more power than what my mobile needs so it don't charge the mobile, it does the reverse. Totally wasted money on that solar charger.

  • Cooking : I did try various Salads salads, new dishes. But ice-cream and Mayonnaise I didn't do. I had planned them for my new refrigerator. Hence there was Finish to Start dependency for this on above item and hence couldn't do. Still, will give 65% done.

  • Weekends -- I had attended Pandit Jasraj's concert PanchTatva and it was really awesome. However, this time more than Panditji, I liked the flute performances. I was like, Ahh... Oh God I am so glad, I got to experience this event for that flute performance...seriously in love with those two tremendous was just amazing jugalbandi.... I just forgot myself... and it was the case with most of the audience present there....Then, I went for a 12 km cycling rally on Women's day event, tried anti-gravity yoga too. I also went for a Women's day special Zumba party this month.. Spa done more than once.  97% done.

  • Read Book - Not done. But I am not worried about this. I know, when I will sit for reading, I will read it in one go even before having another sip of water. 0%  --Not done.

    • Extra Income -- It was okay.. rather was average. -- 70% done.

    • Dance --  Not even decided on songs. I seriously wish to dance on "Maine Break-up kar liya" . But since it is wedding and it is not going with the given theme also. But I have an awesome choreography on breakup song that I will definitely try on some event. I will mark this totally 0% Failed. I have not even decided on my clothes, regular events clothes, dance clothes, kids clothes, travelling clothes. I have so many dresses and so many functions and we cousins are still in deciding phase, "Kathpadar saree in Haldi or Navwari saree",  "Laacha/Sharara/Ghagra in Sangeet or Anarkali suit", "Vidaai will be definitely in western pattern Panjabi suit", "Silk saree/suit in lunch time".  and so on.... So I am just buying many options for the wedding so that I will always have something whatever we decide to wear. By the way, if any of reader has any suggestion for a song to dance in a wedding, just let me know in the comments. One solo dance for me, one with my son.

    • PDUs-- Plan was 10 But again here I had done more than planned. There were 3 more done but thanks to my coworker who had deleted all their data that I needed to claim,  from my computer. --100% Done.

    • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- Okay done on most of the days. 80% done.

    • Drinking Milk Daily -- Done on all the days of month except on periods. --100% done.

    • Tax planning -- Done -- 100%.

    • Lunch/ Dinner Date : There were more than 2 lunch/dinner dates with myself. Then there was a special dinner date with my son as well and yes, few tea/snacking dates with colleague friends as well. I think my coworkers know now that if I am grumpy just take me out to eat something nice. 100% Done.  But still, not a single date with the people whom I would like to go with ;)  

    • Walking 30 minutes -- Done on all possible days. -- 90% done.
    • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- Done 100%

    • Plank for 15 days -- Done 100%.

    • Finance Planning -- This went awesome. I did few purchases in Kotak, Birla mutual funds and also was very active in trading. 100% done
    • Car Driving -- You know what, I think I need a friend. I really need a friend who will sit with me in car when I am driving.... or my old friends or my mentors who know how to motivate me so that I will do this alone. ... you know... I can do it wali thing.... I know it damnit, I had driven the car to places, I had driven my family and my own new born child to different city while I was driving regularly and now I just don't have confidence. What the heck problem is with me. Total failure 0%.

    Look at those colors... there are so many red this month... But I know... most of the month I was not "real me"... I was mostly upset and upset means doing nothing.... Anyway, I just hate myself. (Well, not really, I am just not in good mood while I am writing this). I knew everything is fine and going to be alright but at this moment I have feeling like I am not getting what I want. I am just wasting time... I don't want to fall again now... I want to rise.. and this is what had happened to my life. When I am deciding something important, even God is confusing me. At times it's like "Go ahead and conquer the world" and at times, "walk away... its not your territory. This is not where you belong".


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